Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Ok, today is gonna be a strange one... I am not simply wrapped and slapped, I am strapped to the pole and take'en the forty lashes... (such imagery, tut tut, and not a stilletto heal in sight!!!). In 2 minutes I meet with a gang of french people that don't want to speak english and I speak shitty french.. wo-fucking-hoo, then at 9:45 it's car time to a major intesity meeting with my boss et al. and some clients... Now, if I could just find that documentation...

I have a good toga party story... and it was in Toronto!!! Lesslyn and Liz A Licious are going to one! Lucky ducks.

Later Lj...

ps. I don't care if she's gay, I want to kiss Anne Heche until my lips are numb. Could anyone be cuter...
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