Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Morning :D
The boys and some sunday morning "cubis"... tres addictive game it seems.

~ well, in the pic? pj bottoms and gap hoodie...
~ now? jeans and warmth! it's brrrr outside today
~ taekwando this aft... it's now a whole family affair. :D
~ um...
Z: wanna help me canvas some of the neighbors?
C: sure... I believe firmly in our children’s education!
Z: ?
C: I think everybody should chip in...
Z: ?
C: So what do I say? "Would you like to contribute to the Arithmetic Society?"
Z: dork...
C: ash... arthritis... well, they're good too...
~ AND IT'S ALIAS NIGHT!!!! The new Alias is on tonight...
~ I had some time to scroll... but I need to get to the store to get stuff to make a mexican dish, er... Appetizer, (the mind boggles at the joke potential with "mexican dish")
~ to point out that nbbmom is like a hero ... you know... super hero stuff... all spandex and cape and stuff... :D

Hey... we finished the fort... pictures when it's not pouring rain. :D er... ok, the door needs attachen. :D

Later skaters... have a great sunday! :D
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