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Hi ya LJ ... (adopt a Joey - Friends - voice) How yuuu doo'en?
Quick BB update.
In the NEWS - Karen (she of the many many words) made local news and of bigger news where'ever the heck she actually lives. Contrary to the banishment interview where hubby and her look like they're going be happy-ever-after (ya right!), Karen is leaving her hubby (Mr. "My love for you runs so deep within me that only god can see it"?????????????? asshole) and moving to the west coast with a daughter. She points out that all the other HGs have Home Towns that are cheering their every word and gesture.... where as her home town despises her!!!!!!!! Too too funny. (yes, I do actually have a heart and can feel for her in that the BB experience should have give'en her a more enjoyable 15 minutes of fame, but in the long run I will always applaud when I see people becoming motivated to take a positive step with their own lives instead of living a lie!)
The HGs were finally asked to do the nomination dance last night and true-to-form the bunch of 'em spent the rest of the night talking about "not talking about" the nominations - all the while Micheal Jackson is getting much camera time focussed on her pensive - kind'a evil looking - narrow eye staring. Very creepy.
Lots of Man-Dance'en go'en on there... the poor homophobes (Curtis and George) are suffering big time.
Somebody paid someone else to fly a small engine airplane over the BB house trailing a banner.... it read something like "The show is doing badly... get out while you can!" Eddi and Cas were dancing and the only ones to see it... BB comes on air and demands all HGs to the boys bedroom. Eddi - intelligently - mumbles (just loud enuf for the mic to pick up) "Couldn't quite make it out, something about the 'show doing all right' or something."
Anyways, there'll be loads to diss these people about tomarrow so I'll end this here for now... boy I enjoy this. I havent so much fun diss'en TV faces since Melrose Place went off the air.
Later LJ friends

ps. Everybody send cool good luck vibes to ratonil - he has another interview today...

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