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okidoki... a busy night ahead... and believe me... I will move heaven and earth to properly tape survivor... ('cause I don't want my first tattoo to be a giant freaking L on my forehead).

but first... lovely traffic jams and sunbeams... wohoo... gah!

but before I go...

Just a couple of Birthday wishes...
and they're both late!! :D

Yesterday was lothie's birthday... I met her in the Package Gang community. That was an event that opened up my eyes to a whole new way of appreciating the possiblities of a place like LJ... Happy Birthday Mimi... I know you won't see this... but nevertheless... I hope this year brings some stability and some well earned rewards to your world.

Happy one-day-late Birthday to emily as well. You've got so much... what could I possibly wish for you... oh I know...Emily, may you find yourself up to your knees in the love of good friends and strangers... and may that love always be a comfort and never a burden. Have a wonderful year sugar. :)
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