Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless



~ k... taekwando is more like taekwan-dough as I urge my body to stretttttttch into positions it's forgetting... ;)
~ Looks like z and ed will be joining us... they have had to make half our session white belts and that means we can all go at the same time slot!!!

~ the movie... The Adventures of Baron Munchausen... long, involved, outstanding story and characters... crazy great movie... and, lurking just below the surface is an outstanding dig at war and the folly of modern weapons... "but this one is ok... you don't have to see any of those people die... just push the button and relax."

~ I want to make an "upside down cake"... i'm thinking a layer of peach wedges in a caramel glaze over a squishy, peachy cake. I'm in one of those "invent a recipe" moods... tried another variant on merangue (supposed to spell the word relating to a dessert verses any dance steps yo) last night... that sooooo did not work. So I try not to get to many expectations from the "invent a recipe" zone. We'll see....

~ dumpster diving was grand... amazing wood gets junked on a house-building construction site. I need to go back for a second load! :D

ok... time to fly... see ya.

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