Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

a good day, with issues...

Hiya Lj. Long day - no lj...

A day without LJ is like a day without sunshine!!! (anita bryant, eat your heart out!)

Got up today and made my way to work at the clients offices, like 5 minutes from where I live... huge corp hq offices for Alcatel Canada. cool place. Got some phenominal news from the techi I was working with... His boss, the guy I pitched a long term services contract to last week - who is out of town today - told techi dude that the boss and the bosses boss have agreed in principle with the proposal and I'll find out later this week if I'm bringing a giant private sector win home to the company that pays me!! (this is a pretty good thing...)

Got home and took the boiz skating at a rink in a local park... this involves maybe 60 minutes of go-go juice... 30 minutes to get snow clothes on everybody, drive there, get skates on... 10 minutes of practicing actually standing there on skates... practicing getting back up when standing doesn't work out and then another 20 minutes of undoing skates and going home.

Then dinner. Kiddi stand by food... quick bake chicken nuggets - thank god for these things!! - and frozen peas... Clean up kitchen, dance to techno dance music with the kids (they love this stuff... The Crystal Method, Aqua, Eiffle65...)

Then baths... dry them off, dry myself off, and start the bedtime snack and story ritual... all ending by 8:30 with goobs actually asleep. Just like Z, since about 6:30...

Taped some good TV for later (yup, Heartbreak Island...) and goof off. i.e. LiveJournal.

Later lj... I think I'll watch some more of the West Wing repeat.

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