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Yeah... and [ :: here's one with the evil eye... :: ] hahaha... k... yeah, so I'm a bit dorky on Mondays... :D

The sky is filled with these low, fast moving clouds and every now and then you see past them to ginormous thunderheads above... billowing in their michelin man puffyness but BLACK along the bottom... So I'm guessing rain is in the offing. :)

~ red stripes ftls...
~ dk blue dockers that are getting a wee bit tight... toight... (I'm the ever expanding corto thanks to not smoking... in fact, I'm fat... but when you start as little as I was - am sorta - any change like five new pounds... let alone ten, is pure freaking evil.. I need sweater weather so I can unbutton the pants... ahahaha)
~ red p-z golf shirt... that is tucked in...
~ it's project 2 day... k... monday, tuesday = project two, wednesday, thursday = project one, and friday's alternate. So I'm in serious ramp mode today... which means I have to absorb buckets of data on the new project. ("ramping" up on the project)
~ back up the now working HP OVO server with Oracle 8.1.7... it's freaking perfect... so yeah, time for a backup tape.
~ tonight? no idea... except maybe I'll be working on my MILs computer... I put that dvd player in only to find it was LOVSAN and BLASTER riddled... gah!
~ to send some warm friendly vibes to maggie.... she's oh so seriously preggers and family stuff is going down... send this very sweet young woman some good karma for me would ya...
~ do you know ten? I could write a page on her without repeating myself and every single thing I said would be a compliment... She's mom to a very ADORA-MONKEY little baby (Mary) and boy, could Lisa (Ten) ever use some starry nights...
~ to run up behind bondas and pour a full jar of strawberry jam down the back of her pants... er... ok, no. Prol'y not a great idea. Regardless, I do hope you get the time you need... the time we all need... to just be attending to the personal zone.
~ that my very sweet friend txdevil feels bedda real soon... hugz....
~ power to whoknew... no seriously... a friend facing a serious challenge. You are the boss of you... and you're a good boss Getch... go you!
~ that amyaustin gets to run her fingers through stifflers hair.... :)
~ and I hope kitykity's little dylan feels better too... :D

// mini rant
Yeah, so play with fire yo. How many times do Jets have to crash at Air Shows before people get the idea that it's a dumb freaking idea to parade around billion dollar toys? This one didn't dive into the crowd... lucky bastards, every one of 'em... because it could have. It's happened before... and it is going to happen again. No question. Standing with your kids on a tarmac watching 8000 liters of flaming jet fuel spill over you and everyone around you... wohooo... great gobs of fun there... and later, they all went to a gun show.
// yeah, over, whatever.

Note: Originally posted in a community... thanks to odd "alt" key clicking problems... :D sorry 'bout that... :D

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