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Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

By The Balls!

Alison's got a grip and Rob's losing his. Erika cries... of course, and Jun, well... she calls herself a "dirty little whore". This really is classic.

Loser say what?
(aka "The Show in as few words as possible")
Julie, looking like she just escaped the bonds of some strange ritual with ropes still dangling from her wrists, asks amazingly dumb-ass questions tonight - hold back your surprise - and the editors make sure we dig that Erika and Jun are going to be up on the block. Meanwhile, Erika calls Rob on his lies in their previous relationship... he grovels appropriately at the alter of boob-job-Erika leaving her in tears of ??? what? Not sad... not happy... just endlessly leaking Erika. Alison slips on her best sorority girl smile for the on-air segments and Julie keeps asking dumb questions. Rob busies himself "stalking" Erika. She tells him to quit digging in his head and Jun goes that extra mile to make sure we know just what kind of a girl she is. We are treated to some moments with ex-house-mat Michele reminding us that she's in grade 9, while David and Amanda grasp at a few more cheap moments of fame. The jury house is Dana, Justin and a bunch of dorks. No surprise there. Alison veto's herself and Erika goes up... just enough for Ali to shove her out the front door. Jack's gonna get wood. The final Queen Rat game is a two’parter. Part one is a classic endurance game that is guaranteed to be a bust. Stand on this model of the house and hold your key... while BB turns a snow-cannon on you, pelting you with ice and slush. Rob practically starts crying, Jun immediately looks bored and Alison settles in for long haul. I wont give anything away but [ :: this (click me) :: ] is the "model of the house" about an hour after the show ends... endurance huh. Part two is "unknown".

Fav Quote
Julie: "will Alison use the veto?" Holy stupid question Julie...

"has your time in the bb house changed your perspective on being a father?" Wow... talk about your delusions of grandeur ... Julie, you need to step back and look at this with a fresh brain.

"If you could, would you re-kindle the relationship?" K... somebody kill Julie.

"If I had balls... I’d say she had me by the balls..." Yes Jun... and, if Alison had your balls, chances are she would carry them in her mouth.

"I’m a dirty little whore..." While, I’m sure they have all said this at one time or another, it was Jun ... this time.

"stop picking your nose..." hahahaha... See Rob... Erika really likes you.

"It be nice to have Alison here and get a little kissy hugging thing ...." Please play that tape for Alison at some point... Nathan you are freaking delusional. (and gay...)

"When I get older, I hope I’m at least half the woman you are..." mmk... As far as "goodbye" messages go, that is the most "open to interpretation" one ever... Erika does not look pleased at Alison’s choice of words.

Most Memorable Moment
Gotta be the split screen... The editors had a little fun with the notion that Alison has "final round alliances" with both Erika and Jun. We get a split screen with Erika and Jun saying, in unison, "I have an alliance with Alison..." .

Estrogen Is Your Friend
Erika, goes to Julies loser-lounge resplendent in her pale blue velour track suit (apparently the track pants cost a cool hundred bucks...). Fun eh?
Jun plays her game subtly and completely, while Alison plays hers with similar completeness but with no pretence toward subtlety.

Team Testosterone
Rob needs to be freaking medicated... he responds to the notion that Erika may hold some animosity about his lying and cheating in their relationship by pledging "I'll always be there for you for the rest of my life!" I mean, ok, it's game land but she must think he's wacked... and AND by-the-way, he was trashing her hard-hard-core as soon as she was gone (live feed stuff). I mean, Alison and Jun were loading up on Erika bitching too, but dude!!! She's gonna watch the tapes... Did you know that people sit, watching the live feeds and transcribing every single word and gesture ... all posted on the net.
Rob and Jee have consistently been abused as King Rats... they were surprised by every eviction result they lorded over. Jun summed it up nicely... "losers".

Well it totally depends on HoH. The first and second place results from Part One of the HoH game will compete again... to ultimately select HoH. It's all down hill from there.

The winner...
Ok... I'm still thinking Jun deserves it and I know Rob doesn't. That being said, the history of this show says the jury will favour the big-gamer... and I think Jun's game has been better but very understated... and that may be overshadowed by Alison’s nasty ways.
Jun Jun Jun Jun Jun Jun Jun

Survivor 7 "Pearl Islands" starts next week!

All the BB4 Updates will be available on ....
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