Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

BCA time.

a little Birthday Catchup Action!!!

September is crazy!!! seriously... a lot of birthdays this month. :D

I missed a few though, so let me cover that...

September 8 was ibean's birthday... Happy Birthday sweet Heather. I do hope you and sweet Olivia have a great year. May good health and wonderful surprises chase you around that island of yours... :D

September 9 was my favourite Diva's birthday... Happy slightly late birthday dear Stephany. I have this one poigniant memory of checking your cam and seeing you sorting some papers, sitting on the floor in track pants and night shirt... Now I know you are a beautiful young woman (there is no shortage of photographic evidence of this!! what with all the "dressed up Stephanie" pictures from the various 'Cons) However... that night shirt image is just perfect... sweet as honey and so pretty I could have melted. Ok, enough superficial stuff... You have been a very interesting friend to make in journal land and I do very much hope that you are able to squeeze joy without end out fo the next year.

September 10 Happy only a tiny bit late Birthday to stuckinkansas Kansas gets sooooo many of the great women in the world... what's up with that? Happy Birthday sugar-Trace. I hope you find pay back for your time in the gym and that the kids stay healthy this year. Hard working mommies deserve the sweetest of wishes and if I could grant them... I would in a heart beat. :D

and, finally, today!!! September 11

Happy Birthday ladonne You have consisitently been a sweet friend and great source of support. I will always appreciate that. May this next year bring you greater comfort in the shoes that life has wrapped your feet in and that you and your main squeeze grab handfulls of happiness. Thank you for your friendship Ladonne. :)

and Happy Birthday dear vina You are a precious friend and I know you're not much here so you may well never see this... but that's ok... The wish remains the same... For you to find the happiness I know you richly deserve and that you get a chance to write about Suvivor... :D :D :D :D

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Heather, Stephany, Trace, Ladonne and Vina!!!! Happy Birthday to you!

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