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Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Paranoid White People

Wow... picture the three girls sitting in the bathroom, middle of the night, not talking... all there making sure the others aren’t talking plot in the absence of the other. Yikes... It’s down to the final four and the paranoia is running thick.

Loser say what?
(aka "The Show in as few words as possible")
Day 62 in the BB house opens with Jun saying she’s "all discombobulated" - big surprise there - and Alison shaking her ass... again with the big-surprise yo. Rob’s all about being a loser and acting like a lonely puppy, clinging to Erika like the shrink wrap tops she climbs into every morning. It’s Rob and Erika plotting while Jun and Alison plot... and ever the consummate floater – Jun – bouncing between both camps playing out her cards. This is working very well for her btw. Diamond Veto is coming and is named for no other reason than because it’s the last veto. Get Veto and hold all the cards. The game was to sort out a stack of names to represent the actual order, week by week of the house-mats nominations. There was some internet controversy about this being messed up but in the playing of the game, Alison comes out on top and Rob... after so much crap about "I am totally focused and must win!" comes in a hugely embarrassing last. Even Jack couldn’t have done worse than Rob at this game. Ali wins, and Jun was wicked close. Alison is totally rubbing half wit Robs face in it "Robert!! And you though you were rid of me!" Dude... can you just imagine her in a marital spat? Bet ya she’d be one nasty nasty piece of work. Luxury is a game that nobody wanted to play... but two people will win. Run the obstacle course a-la prisoners outfit, escaping with a ball and chain on your leg. Rob, the divorced guy does not do so well with a ball and chain... hmmm... Alison and Jun want to be together as winners or losers but just not spit off with either Rob or Erika. There is absolutely no love lost between these two seriously polarized groups. After the game, which included loads of mud, we are treated to several moments of Alison playing with her boobs in the backyard shower and then it’s blimp time (the reward, not Jun). Jun and Alison go on a trip over LA in the Goodyear Blimp wohoo. Rob gets a call from his daughter after nailing another Americas Choice. He calls her mama for some unknown reason and she spends the call bawling her little daddy-deprived eyes out. Rob, swimming in Estrogen, bawls his eyes out too...

Fav Quote
"I’m using my brain!"... say’s Alison as the camera switches to video of her dancing her booty ass around the hall...

"It’s almost as important as the HoH!" See, now this is a clear example of Rob living in an alternate universe... It’s way WAY more important than being the house bitch... er... He’s talking about the diamond Veto.

"It felt like a big fat bird had pooped on my head!" This is Jun responding to Alison’s winning of the Diamond Veto and it begs comparison to when people say "That tastes like shit..." which always makes one wonder... how the hell do you know?

"Wouldn’t it be funny if the Goodyear blimp popped! And they fell out of the sky ... and died." Okay Erika... you are getting a bit too into the spirit here.

Most Memorable Moment
Alright... Alison and Jun win this luxury deal to take a ride on the Goodyear blimp and, Jun’s spiky heals notwithstanding, they board the blimp and it takes off. When it takes off going practically straight up all I could think of was Jun sitting in the back of the carriage and the crew trying to work ballast to even things out...

Estrogen Is Your Friend
Diamond Veto games are pending and Alison is praying at the craven alter of her family pictures... she’s like "I’m praying for my fathers strength (picture of dad) and for my mothers patience (picture of mom) and when they show the picture of her and Donny... well I was hoping she’d say she was praying for Donnys lil’johnson but alas... earwax.
Note about Alison... when she shows up in the bathroom to keep Erika from talking to Jun she’s got this just woke up, still half baked look going on and it is far and away the very best look she has had yet this show... she was downright pretty...

Team Testosterone
So Rob... hopefully has great medical coverage to sort him out via therapy... and man is he going to need it. But the thing is... he’s constantly looking for people to validate his ideas. When ever he says something - and he is always posturing with words - he immediately says"Just like everybody.... Right?" and then twitches a bit.

So what do you think? Alison saves herself (d’uh) and then Rob puts Erika up. That leaves Alison to pick between Jun and Erika. She talks like she’s going to hold on to her alliance with Jun and evict Erika... (which I am hoping for) but do you think she believes she has a better chance against Erika versus Jun? I mean, the Jury has no great love for Alison and they all will prol’y like Jun for her "game play". Oh, and Rob... if he wins I’ll spit.

The winner...
Jun Jun the ever expanding Jun...

All the BB4 Updates will be available on ....
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