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Ok, I am finding my warm and fuzzy place again - after an agonizing night of self recrimination (and I must say I'm pleased about being able to use "recrimination" in a sentance!) - I come to work and am immediately id'd as less-happy-than-the-last-few-days with a "Hey ... what the hell happened to you?" So I fess up to my shamefull vcr expertise and hear - to my great and ongoing happiness - that a mate at work has taped not only the show, but the 'reunion deal' and the 'letterman top 10 with the survivors" segment... he's getting it for me at lunch.
Thank you thank you thank you thank you Rob (one of the few guys I know that can pull off Teva sandles in dress clothes and not be gay).
WOW, how pathatic is that? The idea that I can go from days of natural high to the depths of depression and back again to the high life all over a fucking tv show.... sad sad sad...

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