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wow... ok let's see... where to begin?

How 'bout "The Mole"... that was fun. I missed last week and I thoroughly enjoyed this show! Goofy as it sounds, I can totally see an awesome dinner party game (like those dinner murder mysteries) ... mailing out kits to each guest... one of them is... The Mole!! mwahaaahaa. No really. If I make one I'll set it up like a web site, maybe I'll get it started and other people can push ideas onto it ... mmmm a collaborative lj construct. Imagine the power of human SMP!
By the way, the mole is Jennifer ( the 35 year old "Field Communications Manager"), she sabotaged two competitions tonight, totally!

So, I'm seeing more support for the idea of a complex patters in effect here in lj land... the ebb and flo of comments, the highs and lows of post content... sudden explosions of personal info, or flurries of family related challenges ... and there is usually an obvious link to larger than life social circumstances... New Years aftermath, weekends, Mondays!!! The Frick'en MOON!!! -> this one is huge by the way... watch the phases of the moon, let alone the full moon and then review the posts. And theres the general affect of totally over dosing. Any ways, I got on all this cause I was thinking, morbidly, about the total smack-down that the sudden and complete shut-down of lj would be - should such a thing ever happen. What a yuck.

Remember to download your journals regularly. The page to download offers options to download a month at a time (there may be a way to dl the whole deal, but I haven't looked for it - I just nail down the previous month every time I turn the page on the calendar) Visit the export page.

I wish I could stay awake to spend more time with my lj buddies!!! But time is scarce and corto is very sleepy these daiz.

ps. I hope my friend debby feels tons better asap!! Deb, try walking around the house in the dark, holding a clean coffee-maker pot (lid off) in front of your face like a big face mask, with a flashlight. No guarantees, about the impact on your mood, but you'll have done something really silly.

pps. I want my less to feel like more!!!!*

*ug: I know, I know, but it is sooo tempting!

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