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g'morning. :D

Thank you Christie... that was a very sweet thing to do ... :D (big texas devil type smiles!!!)

~ blue ftls
~ cream p-z cargos
~ pale pale green long sleeve k-c with the funkmyster but actually dumb as a post zipper on the shoulder...
~ attend project meeting first thing... back now. ... hi! :D
~ schedule another meeting for my "new" project later this morning...
~ restart the patching of a solaris server that fucking died mid GA patch install... (I've since reinstalled the o/s... me = hating solaris lately, fondly remembers hpux...)
~ write about BB4 at lunch...
~ watch more bb4 tonight...
~ flowers...
~ that thursdays interview goes well in the house of Toy... :D that's dailymom's house... and hopes for Tom! (Tom and Toy... TT... ok, I'll stop)
~ just having some "time is a great healer" thoughts for my sweet friend ladyfire....
~ that today brings smiles and great vibes all around for my sugar-bronze... :D (er... that's bramey) Do you know her? You cannot do better....
~ that da-man... bigbull finds exactly what he is looking for...
~ I could zoooooooooom down to texas and scoop up my darl'en friend txdevil... Look what she sent me [ :: she's da debble :: ] but that's just the card... she sent me a whole package of Starbucks Choco Crack!!!! I'm crack fat! word. :D

//rant on
Man... Canada is going to have a federal election and a provincial election soon... and the freaking Gay Marriage deal is going to be central... at least it will if they (the gov) don't get off their collective asses and settle the issue. I cannot believe how religous groups twist the issue into something they can sink their pointy little freak teeth into just to grab another chance to play pios. Take yer pios thang and jump in the lake.
Dig it... in Sri Lanka there is a cultural, religious tradition that, loosely and quickly explained, means a girl has to marry the guy that puts this necklace around her neck... and yo! this includes grabbing her off the street and "convincing" her to let you put it on her. K... so this fuck nut grabs this girl at Carleton University (here in Ottawa) in front of her friends, and drives her to Montreal and holds her for days in an appartment trying to force her to put the necklace on. He wont let her leave and her protests that she has a boyfriend and does NOT want to wear the freaking necklace fall on deaf ears. Only when immenant arrest for kidnapping is in the offing does fucktard relent and let her go. Ok... dude that is kidnapping and I don't give a shit what you do in Sri Lanka... you know, the place where the Tamil Tigers regularly kill and chop up people they don't think are black enough... Here in Canada, we have a concept called the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and it kinda makes your weird ass tradition a freaking crime. They didn't throw the book at him... idiots... but THAT IS NOT THE POINT.
The point is that some dudes religious tradition does not contravene our Charter of Rights and Freedoms that guarantee, among other things, equal rights. Now maybe the big hat boy twitching in Rome may not like abortion, birthcontrol or gay marriages and his loser minions may want to toe his fossel like party line but that has absolutely nothing to do with Canadians having the right to equal government benefits and equal property rights under the law. The Gay Marriage issue is not a religious one... as I've said before, if it was, then why does my tax return include questions about my marital status?
Bottom line: Religion? Yeah whatever... do your own thing... but do not do it at the expense of my rights and freedoms... Save that shit for the middle east please. Oh, and look how that's been working for the middle east.
Bite me.
//rant off

Ok.. all done.

See ya. :D
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