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So how much did that radio voice say the Bush-Man wants from Congress to "rebuild" Iraq? Was that 87 Billion or 87 Trillion? I mean... they're both nonsensical numbers so fill your boots... Oh, yeah... and if that makes you sick... don't go to the hospital... you can't afford it.

Hey... Starbucks is putting their Crack in new packaging... soon. So the current packaging is on reduced pricing!!! I bought a box this morning for 4.95 that was like 10.00 last time... Score!! (~ sings "fresh crack ... fresh crack... ")

~ green ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ gray t
~ dk blue turtle neck... (very chilly this morning...)
~ well I just got back from a "first thing monday morning" meeting downtown to get processed for the new project
~ several other meetings pending today and a project plan review.
~ did I mention reading a mountain of paperwork?
~ tonight? no freaking idea... but it would be really nice if it did not involve killing anyone... I'm just say'en...
~ that miss unbelievable... er...breekola finds her calm place... :D
~ for a little blood in the life of kattaryna...
~ to welcome psychomagnet home... !!
~ for the search (nanny) to be fruitful for amyaustin

Ok... so I know there are some Eminem fans out there... and I'm still waiting (hoping) for some info on the "fast" rendition of the 8-mile song (sorry I know so little about marshal that I have no idea if that's even the song title)... but it's that song about writing rap songs (feet don't fail me!) but it was re-recorded at a serious up-tempo and it's really quite good!!!! What song name do I search for to get that version of the song?

mmk... gotta split... later. :D

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