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Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Can you say Bi-Polar?

So... Rob could just yank his pants down, lie over a kitchen chair and hold his cheeks apart. The girls will line right up... In fact, reality is not all that different.

Loser say what?
(aka "The Show in as few words as possible")
Open as a little pink marshmallow with long hair grabs more food (Jun) to help her deal with the notion that Erika, Robs' Ex, is off working her game with the King Rat, and Ali excuses her poor HoH game performance on having no brain... like we needed to be told. After Rob leaks for a while over missing his daughter, thanks to cutesy things in the HoH room, we see a classic Jun face of disgust over Erika practically giving Rob a rim job the minute he assumes power. Jun and Ali work up a real hate-on for Erika... and word! girls is mean. "Traitor", "slut", and "bitch" make the rounds in their conversation. Meanwhile, the perception of power is quickly impacting Rob’s miniature brain and he's talking "Alison out!" to the one woman that wants Alison to stay. Erika holds the power, she knows it, and Rob does not... yet. Jun rides the Rob Express for a while with a back rub that leaves him thinking she gets off on it (she doesn't - diary room comments abound). Alison's stock is rising as she expertly plays Erika but then the food game comes along... Rob goes textbook bi-polar and fucks-off on making a piñata due to parental guilt (so, what are you doing here?) and the girls get down with hours of work. Notably, Alison chucks fifty years of racial sensitivity socialization out the window and makes an american indian piñata, hence; Axe, feathers, and evil face, to represent Donny... You know... Donny, the guy that's going to dump her in three weeks. They all end up dressing as mexican peasant girls, and looking like the cast of a cheep porno with Erika is an exceptionally ridiculous outfit (the other girls barked out serious laughter). So dressed, they are called upon to smash their piñatas in a "collect the falling pesos" game to earn food rewards. Alison, goes fight-club on her Injun and they win serious good food for the week. The table shrinks again, ants and spiders rule, and we find out too-much-information about Alison as she spills medical history. It's nomination time and Mr. Knows-Everyone-Including-Barry-Drewmore-(bwaahahaha)-Rob sticks to the game plan giving the only key to Erika in the last nomination ceremony of the season. It's all slow motion video as we anticipate the veto game... and turn away at Jun’s amble extra-self doing it's jiggly-thing in slow-mo.

Fav Quote
"My mind wasn't there... I just wasn't thinking." This would be Alison channeling the spirits of every contestant to ever appear on Big Brother...

"She's going down on him right now! Ah yes... the camaraderie of girls. My note on this quote reads "Alison to Jun on Erika." which just happens to sound porno... go figure.

"Get the door." Rob's true colours seep through from time to time... don't be fooled. er, that was Rob talking to Erika in the HoH room, when there came a rappen'on'da'door.

"Donny and I both had a tube in our heads when we were babies..." I'm thinking they were both in a weird Trepanning Cult...

Jun: "Living in this house is like having heart burn 24-7."

Most Memorable Moment
This is a bit of a toss up. It's either the moment in time that we saw the face of Alison’s "american india piñata" (I howled in laughter) or the image of her beating the crap out of it.

Estrogen Is Your Friend
The girls can hardly keep up with their own duplicity, vindictiveness and scheming. They simply despise one another and in each meeting of two, play at the game of nice-nice like so many tour-guide-barbies jonesing for a part in Toy Story 3. Oh, and Erika never ceases to amaze me by donning the most horrifying accessories in the known universe. Her sun glasses take the freaking cake.

Team Testosterone
Now if he could only stop singing "if I only had a brain" Mr. Scarecrow Rob would see that he is a hood ornament on a bitch mobile. Those aren't fuzzy dice hanging from the rear-view and Erika is bang on when she wonders if Rob may actually be mentally ill.

Dude nominates Alison and Jun... Erika votes off Jun, and, the two girls then fry Rob. Erika wins against Alison, even though, in that pair Alison is the better player. Veto, however, could change everything... and I hope it does. If either of the noms win Veto, Erika will go... period. bwaaahahahahaha.....

The winner…
I'm still hoping for Jun. Given the chance against anyone but Alison, I think Jun will win.

All the BB4 Updates will be available on ....
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