Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Up way WAY too late and, d'uh... up nice and early with Geo this morning... shoot me now. Really short hair is a far less dramatic "bed head" zone, don't cha think? lol...

We had a wonderful Saturday... lots of Job Jar level stuff and, with a little help from luker, got a desk down to the basement and sorted out the "server room" hahhaha.. the corner where lives... (used to live on top of a sewing table.)

luker and reens visited .... and we got to play with [ :: Daniel :: ] (is that great picture or what!! :D)

Watched movies and relaxed last night... it was nice.

~ stuff I fell into when I woke up... sweat shirt, sweat pants...
~ actual grooming...
~ shower... clothes... :D
~ convincing the stuff that is sticking my eyelids together to go away...
~ oh, and writing a bb4 update... [ :: watch show, take notes, sit with jornada and type :: ]
~ return "Chicago"... watched that last night... it was ok... I mean, I enjoyed it and I liked some of the numbers... but it was only okay.
~ that Lj wasn't acting like ass... dunno if it's me or lj but everything is evil slow or now loading. (of course, as always, this will pass)
~ that dear, sweet Kym... nbbmom recovers right quick from that little scrape!! and climbs back on that horse!
~ my pinch buddy, aristophren finds all his parts still attached when he takes inventory today. ;)
~ I could actually catch up after a "geek free saturday" but that's not really likely. :D

Man, I cannot wait for ALIAS to start up...

Happy Birthdays!

I missed a bunch yesterday... figures...
Happy Birthday pebblesnga, ursusmaritimus and amythyst...

Today, of course, there are more! :D
Happy Birthday diskobox and cablondi.

Life moves quickly sometimes... and you only get a small chance to jump out of the current and shout out to your friends. I do hope you had a lovely birthday and that the next year brings you welcome surprises.

and catherine ... Happy Birthday! Please accept my heart felt wishes for this next year to pass with good health in your darling family and that you find yourself well and truly appreciated and able to feel the vibe. You are a treasured friend to so many... and I count myself fortunate to be swimming around you with them. :D Have a great birthday sugar.

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