Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


The soccer season ended a couple of weeks ago...
Edwards team stood still for a few seconds so the assembled moms and dads could snap some pictures...

I totally love the differences between these two pictures...
Each of these thumbs is linked to a 155k file...


Edward is the boy, second in from the bottom right of the picture.


We're just about to watch the BB4 show that I *gasp* remembered to tape tonight...
and I give every teeny tiny ounce of credit for this small miracle to sillz.
Thanks for reminding me sugar.

Lj has been kinda suck'en on and off all day today... grrr.....

Tomorrow is another "computer free Saturday" for our household... so if I don't catch ya later... I'll see ya on Sunday. :D

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