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Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

All About Robert

Say what you want... Alison is a complete tramp and the offers will roll in after Donny dumps her every expanding ass. Erika is an absolute freak show but she'll be content to get some attention. Jun is a goddess of goofy and everybody is going to like her when it's done. Jee? You will not remember his name two weeks after the show... but you will dislike Robert for a long ... long ... long time.

Loser say what?
(aka "The Show in as few words as possible")
Jee's reign as King Rat is, again, ineffective - see Agent Idiot walk out, and Erika stay. Jun's on a trip to watch black people speak incomprehensively, and Alison is on a role. The jury all hates her, however... and she knows she's got trouble. Rob, the self described evil mean guy that will do anything to win (first episode), blows a nut over Alison not voting the way he told her to. He goes for a verbal walk on the far side of the line that separates normal people from psychotic, twitching anti-dentites. Words like "bitch", "whore", and "evil" mark his opinion of the girls and Jee's getting worried. The missing-Jun deal becomes a veto game with clues... clues that outstandingly simple people like Robert and Jee cannot begin to interpret... and they have to guess Jun's whereabouts. Money talk starts as the number of house mats dwindle... Jee, Erika and Alison mention family. Robert-the-pimple talks only of all-things-material! Caught writing checks his ass can't cash, Jee feasts in his room even though he said he would join the other losers on the PB&J wagon. They play a game for food... that could only be lost by a corpse. Roll around in the Ikea Ball Room and find the balls. Alison was playing... they found lots of balls. Ali, resorting to slimming-black more often btw, wins the veto because she recognizes the space suit as a MTV Video Award "statuette", and puts that to work with the other two clues: a video tape, and a giant plastic apple. Look at her go! Meanwhile Robert and Jee reach truly idiotic conclusions.

Fav Quote
"I can't fake it. I'm not like everyone else." Rob sounds like a real textbook psych case with his constant self actualization through stark contrasts to 'everyone' else. What a dick.

"It's just not fair that we get these evil girls."
"... that's what we get for keeping girls in! We should have got these bitches out!"
"... these whores are going to win this!"
yeah... Robert's just going to have to fight off the girls after this.

"If I win... A Porcha... C4 Black and another [!!ANOTHER!!] Rolex."
oh man... you have not concept of selling you stock in this game.

"Jun is at Space Mountain in LA Disney... you know... they have all those candy apples there." and yes, Rob is exceptionally stupid.

Most Memorable Moment
Rob, saying he's "not like everyone else..." a few times kinda burned an image of him into my head... him, crouched down, rocking, in the corner of some Shrink's office after the show...

The Naturals
(aka The "I was here first" crew)
Let's see... Alison, Erika and Jun. hmmmm

The Ex's
(aka "the reason you watched...")
And we have Robert and Jee over here...

Estrogen Is Your Friend
Again with the "Alison, Erika and Jun"...

Team Testosterone
Robert and Jee...

How do you want to see it? boys against the girls is how they're playing it, but I'm betting the girls are going to chime in with talk of the surviving "original eight" versus the "ex's". Jun will nom the boys... fuck Jee. And Alison will do nothing with the Veto... No, I don't know this... It may be on the live feed boards by now but this is just my guess.

The winner...
Still seeing an Asian Queen eating ice-cream and counting her money.

All the BB4 Updates will be available on ....
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