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Yeah... so I was taping the MTV awards... well, part of them, after realizing they were on... because I wanted to see if Jun (from BB) was visiable in any way... but when I sat down to watch, even watching on FF... I couldn't take it. I have a single racist bone in my body, but I broke it and threw it away. That being said... what the fuck are those black guys saying... geezus freaking murphy... get some language yo! I mean, can you imagine one of these guys ordering something at a McDonalds Drive through. You're BLACK! You're not from another planet... no matter how hard you try to look and sound like it... you still went to grade school with billy, becky and steve. And maybe it's all in fun and stuff... maybe theres a whole culture behind it that I just cannot get... but what exactly is cool about calling women bitches and hos when you get in front of a mic? I'm guessing it's a "compensation" thing... you know... tiny little pecker... great big punk ass mouth.

Oh, and speaking of mouths... please cease and decist with the complaining about Ho-donna necking with Bratney and Agu-skankila. Everybody knows... when in doubt, turn to lesbian porn. There is no way around that shit being h-h-h-h-hot. (and you know it...)

The sky is black... dark like 4 AM dark... and they have been busy opening up with biblical proportions. Awsome storms... wowzers.

~ blue ftls
~ just out of the dryer blue jeans... [ :: yeah... another cheeseball friday picture :: ]
~ (fresh washed jeans... unbelievably comfy... :D :D
~ strong bad arrrrrrg shirt
~ hunter green shirt
~ more with Oracle... please shoot me now.
~ rewriting a project plan to account for a sudden change in resources... ug.
~ getting going on a gap document... don't ask... it's dumb ass...
~ tonight? dunno... prol'y a very very geeky night... this is a computer rebuilding weekend for daddys, mommies and best friends...
~ that all is well with Angie... (designdiva).
~ for a happy vanilla day for psychomagnet - and how freaking great is that name? no really...
~ the smile that is gracing sweet kitiara hangs in and just keeps paying. :)
~ to remind my fav uncle, Dave... Dave-The-Inspector... (inspectorjury) that he's a really good friend. :D
~ for some good vibes to find my friend spaimy... hugs sugar!!

Mmk... the universe is nothing besides killer busy for corto* so I gottsta go. :D see ya.

*ug talking in third person again... smack!
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