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Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Jee... You big big freak.

How to get a house full of people to hate your spunk covered festering guts? How to be absolutely certain that, should you require speedy medical attention, everyone will go for a coffee break before helping? Be the King Rat with all the perks... again, and then force everyone else to eat PB&J for a week, hold the power of veto, and then... just for fun, walk all over their starving bodies to win the chance to eat big honking over-the-top-meals from McDeath while they all starve on PB&J.

Loser say what?
(aka "The Show in as few words as possible")
Bwaahahahaha... oh man, it’s happening again... remember the last time dick head... er, I mean Jee, won the King Rat zone? He had all his seams sewn up and held his scepter high... only to watch Little cutey patooty Michelle walk out the door. Yeah... well here we go again. :D Rob is all being professor-bites-my-ass about talking nasty all over Erika and Jee is just basking in the poop he thinks is power. "I’m the first player in big brother four to win the head of household twice..." Dude... why don’t you say that again, so it can be an even hundred times that you’ve reminded us? What a dick-smack. Jee has an ego attack over Jun badmouthing him in front of anybody and we get moments of video edited to make us think he might nom Jun... but Mr. Pre-dick-table nominates the Pink Explosion and Agent Idiot. Rob and Jee get to talk’en to Alison, who managed to get off her knees long enough to talk, and they "tell" her that she’s voting for Erika along with Rob... and Rob goes on about how Jun is untrustworthy so "don’t tell her anything". Of course, Alison then goes to see Erika and Jun to talk about this. Jun and Alison have the power... We get to see freak-show Marcellas from BB3 and the back yard becomes littered with Garden Gnomes for a McDeath Meal luxury game. It’s smash the Gnome and find the gold time. Erika looks good but no, then Jack looks good but no... and in the end, Jee wins when he really ought to have bailed and let Agent Idiot win. He, however, is tired of being "considerate".... Hahahaha... PIG. We get another Luxury game but it turns out to just be an excuse to watch Erika’s butt-crack ugly hat get burned-up with the added bonus of watching Erika shake her booty like a real pro. The gang gets to do the "shopping spree" thing so they get some new clothes... weeeee... Jee doesn’t do squat with the Veto even though the real game would have been to fry Alison’s hoe biscuit of an ass (and she knows it). Nope... Jack and Erika stay on the block and now we wait to see if Alison and Jun actually can put their votes to work.

Fav Quote
"I’m the first player in big brother four to win the head of household twice." Oh really... well that’s wonderful Jee.

"I’m tired of being considerate." Huh? You were considerate before? When exactly you pathetic ink spot.

"I’m the first player in big brother four to win the head of household twice." Hmm... yeah, you mentioned that...

"Jee should have eased up a bit. Seeing as he’s the reason we’re all on PB&J." Agent Idiot puts everyone’s feeling to voice after Jee wins the McDonalds game.

"I’m the first player in big brother four to win the head of household twice." You don’t say (rolls eyes).

"We have more power than the Head of Household... because we [ Ali and Jun ] decide who goes!" Alison hits the nail on the head... now we can just hope she follows through.

"I’m the first player in big brother four to win the head of household twice." K’mere... KICK KICK KICK KICK KICK KICK KICK... SLAP!

Most Memorable Moment
Ok... did you see Matrix Reloaded? Dude! Now you know where you’ve seen Erika before... she was that chick with the boobs in the slow mo tribal dance thing... hahahahaha... Everyone had to dress tribal like - skimpy clothes and body paint - and bring an item of clothing that the others had been complaining about, outside to the "BB Fire Pit" ... basically a propane powered fire barrel. They devised a whole game here... but it became inconsequential as Erika steals the show. She starts dancing around and I’m talking serious booty shaking here... and everybody is either giggling or stunned silent.

It’s getting down to the wire yo. Jee is one seriously "going to lose" freak and if either Alison, Jun or Erika can win HOH after they toss Agent Idiot out tonight it will be a short walk for Jee to meet the Asian Barbie.

The winner...
Jun Jun Jun ... with all her instant flabbyness and goofy posture. I think she’s just priceless... I love the look of her face and I totally love the attitude she wanders through this game with. I want her to win!!!

All the BB4 Updates will be available on ....
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