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That lil'bear... that's a gift sent by a sweet woman far far away... Thank you sugar-jenn... (jennfromtx)

Well now... the game, as they say in goofy movies with old guys and pipes, is afoot... that is not to say that the game could not also be a hand, but this is not about body parts... because, we all know that if this was about body parts I'd be all talking about bums an'stuff. Nope... this is about the game and it being "afoot".

Before I go there... let me just be a bumper sticker for a second: "Texas... You know you want some!".

Yeah, so the "game" and that whole "afoot" thing... it's all work stuff... hard econominc times etc. on the one hand and on the other, I have been assigned to be on two major projects 50 / 50 with my time... so I have to close off one of my offices and sort out a new one ... from floor to floor in an eight floor building. It's gotta be good if their moving me around... versus moving me out... right? :D

~ green ftls
~ dk beige dockers
~ red p-z golf shirt
~ a rather concerned expression...
~ to zoom away from here after this post and start moving my other office.
~ find my new project office... and move shit in there.
~ get my head around all the changes and get busy busy busy.
~ tonight?? I'm hoping Bowling For Columbine is on the table for tonight.
~ that I don't get laid off in the next couple of weeks... ya dig?
~ I could other that I have been, which really is a scaling back on LJ time in the morning.
~ that kattaryna has a good shoot today... (whine's about wanting to see pictures...)
~ that whatever the day brings... it finds the time to wrap sweet kitiara in smiles... :D
~ the biggest kinds of wishes I have for my friends in Western Canada... those fires are just horrific... so many people out of thier homes and I know a few of my lj friends are on the fire line... my thoughts are with you guys... I hope with all of my heart that you are safe.

This is a busy busy day for yours truly so I gotta jet. See you at lunch. :D

ps. There is no love quite so powerful than the love that finds you as you are. Can you dig that?
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