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Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Jee versus the Volcano

Julie, in a see through mini-me housecoat, drags us to the new twist... En route we are treated to Alison's fake tears, Jun's thong, Jacks insanity, and Rob's twitches... and then Jee screws the lot of them.

Loser say what?
(aka "The Show in as few words as possible")
Jun call's Alison names, and Jee gets wacking material from home. The King Rat room is decked out with a Richard Marks cd and a 'check out my ass' picture from his main squeeze, Carmen. Horseshoes keep falling out of Roberts ass and Alison squeezes out more tears. Erika squeezes info out of her I mean, Robert. Everyone expects Jee to nominate Erika and Jack but Robert has all the nervous ticks. He scratches, picks, and smoothes with fingers that never stop. Agent Idiot earns a bonus for pushing the party line on Kennedy, because he's an expert and in the night of the living dead look of the infra-red cam he proclaims the lone gunman theory the truth and nothing but the truth. The Over Lords close the desert room and we get to watch everyone say goodbye to the turtles... including Alison who fits "filthy beasts" into her sayonara. The cameras become the topic while everyone has moments of posing, and Jee carries out the prescribed pre-nomination interviews... in other words, more posing. We get the big new twist is an out of order veto game (pre-nominations) that includes someone electing to put everyone else on a week of PB&J in exchange for the veto. Jee earns no new friendships... as he holds that veto medallion. Rob goes mental about more PB&J and everyone dives into the food supply and chows down with a midnight PB&J start time. Alison will definitely be sporting more pimples and Jun will continue to bust out all over.

Fav Quote
"It couldn't get any worse." Ali in a prophetic state of mind...

"I don't have anything to hide, except maybe my boobs." See... this is were I get lost... you'd think she'd wear a veil and go topless... and considering there was a price tag involved... she'd be up on this concept.

"I think Jee was receptive..." Agent Idiot, once again, begs the question "what colour is the sky in your world?

"He got two things right in that film [ JFK]... the name of the victim and the day of the crime. Oswald and Jack ruby acted alone..." I only have one thing to say here... That was one magic loogy!

Most Memorable Moment
"Hey camera... how you do'en." A fairly innocuous statement... however it takes on memorable status when you consider that Jun was in full gynecological exam posture whipping her panties off, albeit under a blanket, and look'en all trash-spoken-here at the camera...

Was that Erika agreeing to put Jack out to pasture with Robert?

The winner...
Still holding out hope for Jun.

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