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Another mini Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Oh Cabana Boy...
The second of two mini updates... an eviction night with gay porn and paradise for Dana... remember Dana?

Loser say what?
(aka "The Show in as few words as possible")
The editors follow their same ol routine of feeding us "Robert will leave" crap hence we can expect Justin to make an exit. Tonight is all about tactical meetings and three groups of two battling for position. Of course, all this is tempered with Alison’s monstrous belly-button cavity gaping at us in almost as many video moments as those of Robert picking his nose.
Jack works on Jee to manipulate his vote and seeing as Jee has absolutely no intellect, this is almost boring. Julie pops in looking like Asian Barbie and pushes Jack around a bit for being such an idiot. Alison, ever the pageant queen, poses and talks like Bob Barker is holding a tiara for her and everybody says nice things about the boys on the block... the chopping block.
We get to visit the Jury house... the land of the evicted house-mat. First in the house was Dana and this pad makes the BB house look like cardboard box. Swimming pools, booze and, apparently, tapes of the BB show. She comments "I am a couple of cabana boys away from paradise." Enter Nathan... aka Cabana Boy number one.
We get a big goofy theme moment of video on the three stooges. Slow mo video, and lots of touching. Robert, Justin and Jee look the like the stars of a new gay porn video, and we just watched the trailer. Justin actually says "My friendships with Rob and Jee are more important than the half million dollars..." Yeah, and later, pigs will fly out of my ass. Justin is voted out... Say hello to Cabana Boy number two.
The next King Rat game is a bacci ball knock off of "get the ball closest to the hole." The pendulum swings once again and Jee wanders away with the snacks, robe and prospect of having Alison, half dressed and at his feet for the next several days.

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