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A mini Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

The Dating Game
The first of two mini updates... a Veto night, with the usual tears, trampy behavior and boys on parade.

Loser say what?
(aka "The Show in as few words as possible")
Six feet of pink, a boob job and enough teeth to fill three mouths... Freaky fuchsia girl cries... about everything but thankfully the hat has been a no-show. Jun, on the other hand, does not cry... even though her back and forth game is coming a bit undone. Rob, having trouble with expressing his true feelings, comments "I think she's a scumbag and I want her out!"
Jun's secret alliance with Jee carries on as she and Alison connect. "She's going from side to side... week to week... HoH to HoH... and that's not cool! That's my trick!" explains Alison, although she tends to spend most of her trick time wearing holes in her Ronco Happy Knees. Jun still hates her more current ex, Bob, as she unceremoniously whimpers to whoever will listen... like ALL OF AMERICA! The Fuchsia Explosion waggles over to Jee to remind him that his cage-match-bone-saw-deal did not allow for any veto shenanigans... He's bent but screwed on this so he has a no-veto-for-me attitude.
Rob "gets" the game. He's telling Jee to lie and cheat but we know it's all about Rob... who manages, btw, to constantly look like a shifty-two-bit-hood caught with his hands in the cash box. Veto is a two part thing... remember the order of who won veto before and figure out which video camera is hooked up to which screen as you run around the backyard putting images of past veto champs on screen ... in order. Justin is all dude like posting a respectable 3m20sec time and Ali!, commenting as she plays "This has to be Dana, the psycho-slut!" nails a win with 3m01s but lets it slip so she can lose on purpose. Jack, who is either remarkably stupid or a pathetic faker, loses again with a time of 18m+ I mean... geez. Jun, however, manages to run around clutching her tities in her tube-top and giggle her way to a winning time of 2m45s.
America's choice is a freaking tear-fest for Rob, the recovering alcoholic, as his daughter lays it on thick with ... "tomorrow is the first day of school... I wish you were here... I learned to ride a bike today... I wish you were here... blah blah blah..." Meanwhile Rob is not there... he's here... screwing around on national television.
The house-mats have polarized into their respective pairings... Erika and Rob, Jun and Jee, Justin and Ali... leaving Agent Idiot to oversee this weird Dating Game theme. Erika, of course, cries a lot and in the background... Alison and Jun build their bond and become a power of two in the game.
Oh, and Jun does nothing with the veto although the editors messed with our heads a bit with a save-Justin angle. All we are sure of is that either Rob or Justin will go, Erika will cry, Jun will giggle and Alison will be a ho.

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