Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

hi ho hi ho... it's off to camp we go...

hmmm... almost all packed up and ready to go... last camping trip was a tester for this one... four days with a tent and bug spray... weeeee... hahaha.. actually, we're gonna have a grand time. :D

~ blue ftls
~ blue shorts (zipped off the rest of the "blue swish swish" pants)
~ two tone blue shirt
~ well... lets see....
~ canadian tire to buy glow sticks and napalm (those little firestarter mini blocks)
~ then pack the mirror... er... car... and go camping...
~ that the vcr programming pans out!!!!! that's two episodes of Big Brother and the Season Finale of Amazing Race to get on tape... (better work!!!)
~ that ya miss me... (snicker)

Listen... no really, I'm gonna be gone for a few days... good time to capitalize on the whole "I'm getting sick of corto" thing... so drop away. No hard feelings and I won't make a big deal out of it. I've had a few very bad vibes lately and I gotta say ... if I'm not your cup of tea... they get a back bone and go away. Either way... I'll just keep on doing my thing and enjoying myself... that's what this is all about... doing "your own thing". I enjoy your things... that's why I read ya.

ps. have a wonderful week. :D
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