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~ this afternoon. thanks to the family-it-ization of "Die Hard 2" by TBS Superstation, I heard the following exchange between Bruce and the other guy...
"You're not such a rascal afterall."
"No, I'm just your type of rascal."
You know... with all the blood and bullets flying... that rascally thing just wasn't working. :D

~ Vachon, Au Caramel... is utter and complete garbage... and oh sooo yummi.

~ A hot day in the sun...
Geo's team didn't win any of their games...
and only the more deeply athletic in a "dad pushes 'em" kinda way actually noticed...

They all got medals... and geo is quite impressed. :D

Ed had soccer today as well, and due to some very evil over-plot, his age bracket doesn't get their season participation medals or whatever they're called until next week... he was exceptionally let down. :D All was well... about 5 minutes after the game ended. Such is usually the case... it's more often the parent (read: me) that keeps talking about something that draws in on and on... where as junior is perfectly happy to let the next big truck that drives past be enough distraction to get over... whatevers bugg'en 'em. :D

Me? Must go to bed early tonight... we started watching Just Married at 2:00 am last night... and ended up asleep at like... 4:30? Up for soccer this morning... remarkable... I don't know how we do this. Whatever... tonight... bed asap...

See ya.

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