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Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Eyeballs and Organs... Reality TV. Yummi.

We’re watchen ‘em eat gross stuff, piss on each other, throw up, lie, cheat and back stab. Yessiree, and people will line up for days to get a chance to do this shit. Oh, and tall pink thing with the lifetime supply of saline? She’s a cage match queen. No bone-saw for her.

Loser say what?
(aka "The Show in as few words as possible")
The cage match had to wrap, so the show starts with Jun and Alison peeing on the other house-mats because... you know... they’re such die-hards. Rob, El Giant Suckoo, bails in minutes, and goes into the house to chit chat with Justin. That is the BOOM moment for the dream team three stooges. They left Miss Fabulous and Agent Idiot in the cage with Jee to work him over. June bails with a free pass (as usual) and then it’s Erika, Jack and Ali working Jee eat his loyalty to his alliance. His whole Korean ying and yang thing must be in full swing because he bails on Justin and Rob by accepting this goofy "make it look believable" thing where the rest file out of the cages... Jack first, then Jee and Alison, leaving us with the first Pink Velour Queen Rat. Jee, of course, is eclipsed with guilt and begins apologizing to his buds every time he opens his mouth. Next up? Food games... and it’s "eat gross things" day at the BB house. Erika has horns... no really, and Rob eats albacore eyeballs, among other things. Jun pukes, and Alison makes a lovely camera moment out of spitting out a mouth full of white goo - first time ever, I’d wager. The house mats exercise... well, Jun kinda climaxes while she abducts, and Jee, the Sorry-about-that-korean, blows his cover to Justin. Too little, too late, as Jack finally get’s his way... Justin and Rob are the objects of Miss Pink’s noms.

Fav Quote
"They are never going to take you to the finals..." Nail one, coffin? Jee. Erika begins the "turning of the screws".

"You’re never gonna see these guys again..." turn, turn, turn

"I feel like I let my boys down..." Ahhh... yes. Jee fully and completely under the spell. (and I’m not even going near the whole "my boys" thing...)

Most Memorable Moment
The food game was classic... Eyeballs, weird fish, organs and spices... yummi. Rob doesn’t follow instructions too well, so instead of eating the albacore eyes, he attempts to eat the whole head... this results in Jun tossing yesterdays breakfast into a bucket. Odd how that works.

Estrogen Is Your Friend
Well the girls are just a bag of stereotypes, cook’en, clean’en and suck’en the life out of everything around them. Jee never stood a chance once they got going on their plot to turn him against Justin and Rob. Jun excused herself early ‘nuf to keep her toes clean and once again, she has skated through with hardly a single flabby feather out of place.
The Food Game was the "gross stuff to eat" game... The Clam Bake from Hell, which included light-up horns on Erika and a voice over demonic thing. When Alison gags over what someone else is eating, she leans OVER JEE. Fortunately (for Jee) she only gags and doesn’t blow chunks ... as Jun so skillfully demonstrates. They put back enough eyeballs, organs and fish to earn 5 out of seven days of food... Justin and Ali can’t stomach the yummies... and the image of Alison putting a mouthful back on her plate... a large goo’ey white mess... I was struck with the obvious irony. :O

Team Testosterone
Jesus... Jack must be about creaming himself over having The Giant Pink Rat in the HoH position. He’s been "deducing" that Justin and Rob need to be nominated for every HoH and he finally has someone that will do his bidding. Justin and Rob are fully and completely boned by this turn of events... and it’s all because he didn’t play his game while the others were playing the HoH game. Jee, of course, will now enter a long and painful process of self recrimination and guilt. No smokes left, I think... so he’s about right and ready for a major freak out.
The boys have been sitting around pumping iron and watching the girls abduct their thighs and do arch’ed tummy crunches. So basically, we’re talking about boys sitting around staring at sweaty cotton/lycra blend covered beavers... logical conclusion, Jun expresses her enjoyment with orgasmic moans and the boys start exercising too.

Well Erika put up Justin and Rob... and only because Jee turned on them, so all the two nominee’s have to hope for is one another... Left unchecked, who would go? Robert or Justin?

The winner...
Jun remains the money girl in my opinion but I also think she absolutely must win a HoH to get past the final four... she’s skated... but she’ll need power to come to a graceful stop.

All the BB4 Updates will be available on ....
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