Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


morning... :D

~ house coat
~ smile...
~ to have a shower
~ go to home despot for more project bits...
~ finish project before things get ugly! :D
~ um... oh yea, It's Saturday. BB4 is on tonight... and I think the missing Amazing Race is on afterwards... :)
~ that we continue to have steady power...
~ for time to scrolll scrolllll scrollllllll through the zillion. I've read a bunch... but the day is calling.

We watched David Gale last night... I really enjoyed the movie... what's her name... titanic girl.. winslet... boy can she ever overact... :D but wow what a great story. Didn't get to Just Married yet... it'll come. :)

We went to bed terrifically late... and managed to sort things out with the boys that they left us sleeping in this morning. BIG SMILE.

Anyways... shower calls... See ya soon.
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