Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


holy blankets...

This has been a bizzzzar last-24-hours. I work clear across the city --- and out the poop shoot at the other end... a place I would describe to a local as "... on Blair Road" ... and then they would say "... and you live in Kanata?" ... after which I would nod and they would sigh in heartfelt appreciation for the idea that I work in freaking bumfuckeqypt. So the power goes out when I'm at work at 4:00 ish and the drive home is all about evil long lines of cars trying to do the impossible or patiently waiting for the heavens to open up.

It's kinda cool that they show up with little generators to power the stop lights at the big complicated intersections during rush hour.

Any ways ... no power till the wee hours of the morning then it's been off and on ever since... we don't even bother to re-set the clocks ... watches rule right now. :D
We swam all afternoon at my SILs house... quick groceries... starbucks for coffee... movies... and home.

If the power stays on... we have movies for tonight... The Life of David Gale, and Just Married... we'll see. :D

Oh, and in t-minus-2 minutes... neighbors will show up with their 2 year old daughter for us to babysit for the evening... weeeeeeee.... :D
It's pretty well a sure thing, unless the power goes out again, that I'll post a picture of little "emily"...

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