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Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Cry Nathan, but DON'T dance.

Salsa Hot Dogs, practically naked chicks smearing whip cream all over themselves, cheerleaders, giant scary strawberries and the Abinator 2000. Gee, what fun.

Loser say what?
(aka "The Show in as few words as possible")
The LOSERS... er... the Naturals... the Original Eight, whatever you call them... LOSERS continue to get the ironic crap kicked out of them. Justin digs into the King Rat role and the kids make a mess in a food game that nobody could lose. The Agents' a Strawberry, Rob's a Hot Dog, Nathan's a chicken, and Jun's a Split. Irony knows no limits I suppose. The table shrinks and everyone is appropriately subdued, being idiot sheep, this remains no big deal. Jun is looking like a million (punches in the face*) in her string bikini, and still manages to hold well staged fights with Jee. Everybody can tell Alison's done cheerleader porn and goes total Glee Club while teaching everyone to dance. Erika's looks like she'd be more at home with a pole and a mirror ball and Nathan's only dance move is to squat and honk his ass out... Justin twitches and Rico Suave strikes again with Senior Rob the Salsa Dancer boy. We all barf as Rob gets deep with Erika sorting out old demons... like we are suddenly supposed to care. Dudes a 12 stepper (huge surprise there yo) and is lucky the CS didn't take his kid away.
King Rat Justin holds to his word as Alison stays safe but Jack and Nathan don't get keys. Nathan, of course, will now cry his eyes out and should really be held down and have a giant L branded on his face.

Fav Quote
A strategy fight between team Korea;
Jee "You're a nasty little witch!"
Jun "so is your mom!"
Jee "Why do yo want to sabotage my life?"

"Just because there's no music in this house, that doesn't mean we're gonna stop dancing!" Yet more proof that Erika has no brain.

Nathan: "If I don't go up, I wont put Jee, Robert or you (Justin) up. If Jack and Erika go up, and I win veto, I'll leave it as it is." Alliance? what alliance? we don't need no stinking alliance...

Most Memorable Moment
The food competition was this totally dumb-ass gimmi game that they would have to be headless to lose. People had to dress in this food item costume (Agent Idiot was a strawberry, Rob was a hot-dog, etc.) and be abused by the others with messy "food preparation" things... like dressing the hot-dog included brushing Rob with condiments. Big whoop.
No, the real memorable moment was when Miss Banana Split, Jun, was dressed with a penis helmet (banana tip), bikini clad, and lying in a bowl of ice-cream. They pour a small vat of chocolate sauce over her and then hit her with whip cream. She's all smiles and rubbing herself doing a meg ryan - when harry met sally thing. I'm guessing this was nothing new for Jun.

Estrogen Is Your Friend
Jun, Erika and Alison are the last bastions of estrogen on the show... not counting Nathan. Erika's ship is docked up snug to Jack and Jack is up again. Will she vote again to toss him? It prol'y doesn't matter but either way, she'll cast her vote in her bikini. Jun will also continue to hang around in her bikini and unfortunately she will hang out of her bikini in many and scary ways. Personally, I think it's a gas that she feels so much self confidence and her staged fights with Jee keep speaking to just how sneaky she really is. Alison got her ass stuck on a door knob... er... ok... so she didn't but it could happen. Alison just walks into Justin's King Rat land and hands herself over to the Ex's. She turns her back on all alliances and works the notion that she's done with Nathan. He can and will suffer.

Team Testosterone
Agent Idiot is once again convinced he knows just what needs to be done... Alison is the new Dr. Evil for Jack and he, once again, expects to be able to tell the King Rat what to do. Seeing as this has worked specifically ZERO times for him since the game started, I'm just wondering exactly how stupid this guy is? Jee, Justin and Rob continue to do little happy dances all over the place and CBS spends time with a focus on Rob's little soul searching moment with Erika and talks about his alcoholism and past abusiveness. Justin and Jee are into the Abinator 2000 and spend far too much time flexing for the reflective surfaces.

Who'll vote to dump Nathan? Alison, Jun, Jee, Robert... That leaves Erika. She must be feeling rather insignificant right about now.

The winner...
Jun... yuppers...

* message #4

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