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(I'm thinking maybe I have way too much fun with this strong-bad shirt... :D)

You know... there's banana bread in my very near future... just thought I'd share... well, the info... not the b-bread...that's mine.

I was looking at Geo as he slept this morning... he's 7 years old... In 1969 I was 7 years old. My dad had this big "sleeps the family" sail boat (an Alberg 30) and we had sailed up river for the weekend. We had this little 12 inch black and white television set that could catch the CBC signal. We were all huddled around the little TV inside the boat watching Neil Armstrong do his thing walking on the moon. I wonder what Geo's going to be remembering... a generation from now...

It's a beautiful day... not to clear on the weathers participation in that concept... there may be a little thunderstorm action today... we'll see... that, however, is beside the point. I'm happy... I'm healthy and I'm pretty sure my family is too... healthy and happy that is. Every day is a beautiful day when you got that... dig?

~ black/gray striped ftls...
~ blue jeans... [ :: and here's a "friday's other picture" . :: ] and yeah, it's cheesy dumb... so?
~ my strong bad shirt ("Trogdor!!!") and a silk-like overshirt thing...
~ back off a HPOV install and reinstall the freaking O/S so I can resize swap... geek shit driving me nutz...
~ write something about Amazing Race... geeze that show!! :D
~ it's friday... I need to do something tonight... you know ... like SLEEP!! haha... ok, maybe a date.. that would be nice... hmmm
~ another funeral on Sunday... off to a place called Barry's Bay ? or is it Berries Bay? Like does Barry live there or are there a lot of Berry's there?
~ I had a few days of uninterupted geek time at home... literally... full days... to finish fixing all the code on my web site... blarg... there's a lot of stuff there yo...
~ that darl'en kitiara is ok and that her time under the knife goes well... be well sugar.
~ that my friend ladonne is awake... though I'm not sure how "dressed completely" helps... :D
~ for a safe trip through the fire zone for nordicgrrl's hubby man...
~ and AND that my very sweet little Egg Girl... xaheras and her main squeeze are safe... they live in part of the Fire Zone in BC. It's a scary thing, this fire season!!!
~ that all remains well for the serious wedding planner girl... er... that would be tonya. I'm soooo happy for you sugar.
~ er... ectv it's the circulation but that's what hubbys are for... cold hands and feet warmed up on hubby!! :D

You know this whole "awake" thing is vastly overrated... I mean... warm bed... warm feet... warm people in that bed... traded in. For what? shower? shaving... making lunch? driving and sitting in the land of beige and trying to smile? gah!

Ok... I gotta jet... see ya. :D
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