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a few words on The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race

You know... of all the Reality Shows I've watched... this is the only one I'd truley enjoy being a player in. These guys seriously go all over the world and some of it is pretty freaking amazing.

Ok, enough of that... what happened this week..

The Good
The clowns are still in the game... Even after each team had to elect a sucker to swim like 25 feet under a layer of ice on some god forsaken frozen river. It's a good thing Chuck wasn't around to do this... he'd of become claustrophobic down there and wanted to stop to get it together... and frozen to death.

The Bad
The "best friends" remain lackluster in the extreem. Especially ?? Jeff? the blond guy. He's so full of crap it shoots out his ears. "We're really going to have to deal with each challenge as if we're in last place... really go for it." And then goes on to mope around because they're not in first place. He practically gives up. The "this or that" game was about breaking boards a'la taikwando or eating grossness... These tried grossness and had to give up... then run and do the boards. Grossness, btw, as two plates of live, chopped octypus. Wriggling and gross... "the suckers stick to your teeth." The Chip and Dale managed to do this... their trick was to put bits of it in shot glasses of water and down 'em... Now, what ever made them think of that? (ok, that's gross and a stretch... sorry).

The Pathetic
Just say'en ... the gay guys... stopping in the temple to pray and "chill... and enjoy this". Gah! bite me!

The Sad
John and Kelly didn't fall off a cliff... In fact, they made the lead. They selected breaking-boards... and I thought she was going to shatter her fist. :D

ANOTHER NON-ELIMINATION ROUND... which totally sucks. The Best Friends deserved to be tossed. They better not win.

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