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job jar yuckiness

well that's one yucko job gone from the jar.

corto slept till 11:00 (although I was up at 7:00 long enough to feed the boiz breaki and then drag Z out of bed and crawl back in...

The job jar: I'm on a mission to get the bedroom furniture moved around (according to the bosses plans of course) and en route I nailed a job jar job... "open up the pipes under the bedroom ensuite bathroom sink to un-clog said sink..." It's not blocked but it's slow....

Well, I pulled out of that pipe the biggest, most discusting freakish giant rat-sized blob of long (hence not mine!) hair and goo you can imagine... twice... it drains speedy now - but I was almost puking on this one! bleh!

Ok, off to move furniture...

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