Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Lightening... great brilliant sky arching lightening...
Thunder... that sounds pretty well like it's the end of some distant town being swallowed up by the earth.

Earlier tonight... while a setting sun still had it's way with shadows and light
We were all gathered at my brother in laws house... he lives backing on to a small forest... through which is a large public park.
The children were at the park after dinner... before cake.
I grabbed the camera and headed into the forest to find a path and, hopefully, find the children.
I heard a noise.
A small crack... then another.
I left any notion of a path behind and moved into the forest proper.

[ :: "forest proper" :: ]

As I crouched and padded into the forest I could hear the kids in the park beyond...
But there continued to be some sort of noise... less distant.
Before I realized it... I was staring, at about 15 feet away... a fairly large deer.
She (no horns? does that mean it's a "she"??) stepped sideways and then another moved...
There were two.
I tried to take pictures... it was so dark in the woods and so many tree bits between my camera and the deer...
I had little hope for pictures to come out... none the less... I snapped away, hopefully.

[ :: A dark forest dweller... looking at me, the invader. :: ]


[ :: a blurred effort to catch the bright white tail and deeply tan body :: ]

The pictures are bad...
But my breath was never-the-less taken away by the sheer size of these girls... and their almost silent passage through the forest.

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