Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


lj is going ... going... well, like, imagine Kramer (the guy from Sienfeld) standing there saying the word "wild" with all his Kramer intensity while shaking his outstretched, open hands.

Huge ass bursts of reality. I've seen pictures of allison, jaycee and kellie. I had a chance to see Lisa, sunshine_two and nicky on their cams. and I'm reading ginormous posts packed with the 'things you don't know about me' category data... I love this. people become so much more real when you can set up prototypical mental references - like pictures or personal factoids.

Today was a nice day... up way to flippen early (6:30 - 7:ish) with the boiz and after doing serious digimon type cartoons and feeding everyone (geo eats one ego, while Ed has a fried egg and three bowls of cheerios!!) we get to the floors (Ed likes to help vacuum).

Had Z up at 11:00 with a little pause (the pause that refreshes!!) and then showers, feeding kids lunch and off to sis-in-laws house. The have three daughters (15, 12, 10?) and they love our boiz ... so a visit there is just walk through the door with the boiz and turn 'em loose - and of course, try to remember to get 'em before we leave.

Spent the day there fixing up a little home network on their cable modem with a couple of pc's and making them way happy. We all had Little Ceasers Pizza for din din and home to a lazy (serious lazy) evening.

I am baked and fried... time for corto to do some sleeping - hopefully till 10:00 am tomorrow!!! (big smile)

later lj. be nice, share your toys and say nice things to people that do nice things.

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