Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Day 7:

It's all cloudy and threatening rain again... just1girl needs to go back to work... so we can have sun again. :D

We watched "Dare Devil" last night... I tried... I really tried... I even berated a complain'en z to try and enjoy the movie... but oh man... IT JUST SUCKED... I mean... besides about 30 seconds of Jennifer Garner looking like implant girl (which was fun, but still...) the entire movie was ... baaaaad!

Do not rent this movie... No really... it's time that would be better spent pushing needles into your thigh or something...

Hey... you know when you pull a cerial bowl out of the dishwasher... and a flake has been baked hard core onto the inside of the bowl? So you figure you'll just pick it off and be done with it... I mean, it's a "clean flake" right... so you reach your finger in and proceed to pick at it... only to have it RAM under your finger nail far enough to draw blood and a yelp of pain? Yeah... I hate that too.

~ um blue ftls.?? *checks*...yup, blue.
~ santana jeans
~ gray tshirt
~ to bake a cake... I'm bringing dessert to a family thing tonight so Geo and I get to bake a cake. :D
~ head over to Home Despot to look for project parts...
~ cut shelves that didn't get cut yesterday...
~ read the bb4 update I posted last night... it was the middle of the night... and I was um... a bit out of it. lol.
~ well then... lets see... That all the jude_fest'ers had a blast last night...
~ and especially ladyfire... it's a grand thing in my mind that she was able to get out and go play with so many great friends...
~ that I get to listen to the gardengnomeNikki-The-Garden-Gurl's mp3s of the "brilliant" show... but that wont be till like... Tues or Wed...
~ wishing a Happy Birthday out to polypboy and hoping this year brings him some moments of joy that are worth keeping in his heart forever.
~ you could believe how seriously serious I am when I say that I want to go out right now and buy a pack of smokes... gahhhhhhh!!!!!
~ for my friend elliriel to have ... not such a hard time with club...
~ and a quick word to my darl'en friend kimberly27616 (aka kimberly27616kimberly90210) of good fortune with the client.

Yeah... ok... time to bake a cake. :D
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