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Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Alison, you big big freak!

The Queen Rat is just a nut job, and I swear everyone else is not much better!!! People get nominated, people go hungry, and Alison basically goes mental.

Loser say what?
(aka "The Show in as few words as possible")
"I just wanted to give her a big backhand... swwwwack!", David's last gasp as the show starts, referring to Dana for putting him up. But Dana was then, and the now is all about Alison. Fresh from her date with a bag of horseshoes that all managed to climb up her ass, Queen Alison begins her final moments with sanity. Nathan sits like a little demon on her shoulder while everything begins to fall into some kind of good v. evil paradigm. If tattoos mark the fallen then the good book is gonna leave welts on the mistakenly righteous. Ali does a damn fine job of looking like she's listening to those little voices in her head again... standing on her bed with two teddy bears swaying to her music. Agent Idiot continues to try and tell the Hoe what to do, and everybody gets a chance to talk about the recent sailing of the good ship Jun - she no longer fits in the jeans she brought. Two teams fight for food. Build a pipe, get to eat... Simple enough but not for Robert. His team is hungry. Nathan seems to have nice things to say about the boys and Alison has something to say about Nathan. And the bible is Ali's newest play toy... please move away from the open spaces... I sense a serious bolt en route. Smoking gets a hard wrap, and Alison sorts out her nominations. Justin sells Dana for Rob and Jee. Jun and Dana don't get keys. Dana leaps across the table, and rips Alison’s lungs out through her arm pits, and everyone acts like nothing happened. [ ok ok... so... it could happen! ]

Fav Quotes
"I'm going to be such a bitch." (Ali) woah... stop the presses.

"I hate them all... I wish I could put them all up." (Ali) ... and see the previous quote.

"Julie chopped my chicken in half..." wtf? Jack... English!

"I think a nice tattoo would a tweety bird on your ass!" Gee Jack... yer a real party boy ain’t cha! I did... I did saw a puddy tat.

"She's a little sneaky snake.." GOSH Nathan... watch that mouth or ... or we're gonna have to ask you again. Btw, he's dissing Jun there...

"It was actually great... working with Justin" Well, yes Nathan....
"Jack has a excellent body... it's a Clint Eastwood body." Where are you going with all this Nathan?

"I think he's gay... I think he's very closet." Ahhhh Alison. And she tells this of Nathan to Justin.

Most Memorable Moment
In a stunningly vally-of-the-dolls'esque moment, Alison is shown standing, well... swaying, on her new big round bed. She's clutching her two blue stuffed animals and she's kinda looking up and mouthing the words to some song. I think she’s the girl that died in "Girl Interrupted"

The Naturals v. The Ex's
HA! That was then... this is now. It's all, according to Erika, about good versus evil. The body art emblazoned Evil-Ones; Dana, Robert, Justin, Jee, and Jun. The good? Erika, Nathan, Alison (hahaha), and Jack. That's rich... Of course, Alison is standing around looking back at line after line... This time it's the bible. She's got Pretty Boy reading scripture with her... equating it to the game... Of course, you can equate Ezekiel to space ships landing so... go figure. The thing is that Ali-baba has no fricking concept of anything about her religion, and she's try'en to play god-ball with the gay hunk from Oaklahomo... er... I mean, he must spend half his life in church either hiding, begging for forgiveness or reading the bible. Sorry Erika... it's not good and evil. It's Alison versus Dana and watch out for sparks.

Estrogen Is Your Friend
Just toss Dana and Alison in the HOH room, turn out the lights, lock the door and have Justin yell out that he'll poke the last one standing. Imagine... near the beginning of this series there was the chance that they might have gone for a girls versus the boys sorta game. Yeah, well here's Alison as Queen Rat and she's got two women on the block. The boys just need to sit back, flex every now and then and let the women kill each other off.
Big Bro treats us to several minutes of show time dedicated to how much weight Jun has put on... day 5 versus day 25 tummy profile photos. Nice. Very nice... This served no other purpose than to try and plunge Jun’s stock.
Oh and when Demon Girl won the HOH room... it has all these gifts from home. Ali gets a shirt with her boyfriends number on it... and a picture of her boyfriend... Guess what... her mother packed this gift bag.

Team Testosterone
Robert??? where the hell are you? Jee gets to complain that the food competition "baffled Robert". You push a pipe into a corner piece and push again. Robert, in a fit of uselessness, is like an extra bellybutton to the food game. Two teams race to assemble a pipe-line thing to direct a water flow over a rubber duck, weeeeee... Robert was so hard done by the team selections putting Justin and Nathan on one team (and not his, btw) that he could hardly function. Spell it with me... s! u! c! k!
Justin sells out Dana in a shot... and gets to hear Alison suggest that Nathan is gay. He eats this up, on the heals of his own observation that Nathan’s eyes always say "fear". I say "remember his face on the first show when they were bringing the Ex's in..." Nathan was freaking horrified, and hotly embarrassed that they were going to bring in an ex of his...
Agent Idiot has yet to take a single lesson from the many hard knocks he's received in this show. He goes in to see Ali and carefully explains who she should put up and why. Then feels confident that all will be as he explained because ... you know... people are just gonna do what Jack tell's 'em to do... NOT.

Alison explains to the freshly nominated Jun that she worries Jun would use a veto power to rescue Dana and she doesn’t want that to happen, so she's nominated Jun as well. Ok... makes sense... but we know it's just because you made a deal with Justin.
Dana is just fucked. She's disliked and considered a major threat by all... but could a veto save her ass?

The winner!
Well crap... I just switched to Jun... now she's a "pawn" ... and the pawns usually go. If she gets through this vote Jun will still be my bet.

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