Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


A first thought... People on TV have simply amazing teeth... I'm looking forward to watching the Life Networks playing of Temptation Island 2 UK. It puts the US version to shame... serious shame.

Oyi... just waking up is a chore today. The boys are happily playing all manner of games in the basement with the neighbors boys and I'm getting ready to have shower... I've been out of bed since about 9:15 but nowhere near awake until about 10:30... :D

We've been lucky with so much of our families located so close... but the gotcha has got to be the childrens lack of experience with long car trips... we've only had a few... and those kids make every one memorable... (note the sarcasm as i mutter "memorable!")

~ er... lets move on shall we...
~ to finish downloading the big brother 4 show I missed last night... :D
~ shower... dress... (it's uber muggy outside today... ick)
~ shop around for siding to use on the "project" (the bug cupboard thing in the garage).
~ cut shelves for the "project".
~ crop out some pictures from yesterday... and share a bit...
~ take care of my little family.
~ that my buds at judefest have a super time...
~ I could spend some time in Toronto with my friends... but maybe another time... :D
~ that I can keep things together... it's a dance lately trying to hold myself in some kind of pattern... I know it's the quitting smoking thing... it's evil how it infects so many other emotions. Day 6 ... die muthafucka...
~ oh, and just wanted to shoot some vibes out to the dancing cheff... sugarvaulter... I hope you heard from him sugar... and no matter what happens... can I just say... it's nice to know you Gina... there's a lot more to you than one might guess and all of it... every little bit... is remarkably sweet.

It's a cloudy, hot and muggy day out there... the sort of day that leads to much sweat and then, hopefully, a lot of rain. Rain of course will interfere with my goal to cut down the jungle that took over my back yard... is this a good thing ? dunno... maybe I better tackle that first before the rain comes.

Man... I have got to get around to upgrading Z's computer.. (pay no attention to this... it's mostly a message to myself so I will get off the pot about this!!). :D

A last thought... While there is no limit to how much a heart can dish out... how much love you can hand out, there is only so much one heart can take... so make sure you hook yours up to another. You'll be safer that way.

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