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hey lj

Well I'm updating from my sister in laws house. Me and boiz have been here all afternoon playing (well actually, I'm fixing computers... they're playing).

Everybody is into this "ask me anything" deal... I think I'll hold off on that till the crowd thins a bit.

I wanted to answer one of my own questions tho, a question I asked kym... I asked her if she knew why I liked her so much. Now here's why:

Reasons why I like Kym

she is a successfull carrer woman, working in part of the media empire (the empire of the 21st century),
she's a superhero (read: mom),
she faces life head on and has a take no prisoners attitude,
she can spell!
she's a babe - i've seen your pictures, face it, your a babe,
she's amazingly nice to me (big plus there),
she knows more about music than you do!
and finally (until I think of more reasons) she loved the movie "The Princess Bride".


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