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I just couldn't muster an angry face again today... :D
So many good things are swirling around in my world...
and the sun is shining...
people are smiling...
You guys are amazing...
I mean... gah!

Day what? 4? I think it's day four. So far so good.

man... here it is almost 10:00 and I'm behind already. hahaha...
Time to post and come back to play later. :D

~ black ftls
~ dk beige dockers
~ hunter green shirt...
~ a morning marked by significant meetings... zoooooom
~ an afternoon of getting a report dusted up from good to great.
~ write about BB4 from last night...
~ tonight? Watch The Amazing Race (although it'll prol'y be another "non elimination round" which is just dumb!!)
~ iron a shirt... for tomorrow we ride... well, drive... tomorrow is off to Montreal to hold the service for my FIL.
~ the pope would die already... no offense... no wait... go 'head, be offended... he's a dick.
~ george bush? another dick. sorry folks but the world is influenced by some very very serious dick heads...
~ (can you guess I'm cook'en another rant... :D)
~ that ol'noodle legs... I mean, bigbull gets the feeling in his appendages back again soon. :D
~ for good health to stay on board with my Amy.. I mean, my paperdoil...
~ for the gods of work-karma to send a blast over to blonnie and maybe have all her bosses slip on banana's today... whats a few sprained ankles betwen friends... let alone jerks.
~ that shebear's heart is fulfilled with a little Brendan time soon ... :D
~ to give some love'en time to a sweet and kind friend... summerspirit ... just 'cause.

I have to zooooooooooooooom... be back later. :D
see ya.

hey... have you heard this song?
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