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Big Brother4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

Veto Night... aka The Exorcist

Heads spinning around, eyeballs poked, ritual sacrifices, curses... oh the curses... and Linda freaking Blair, bikini clad, drunk in a hot tub with her face in Reverend Justin’s’ lap.

Loser say what?
(aka "The Show in as few words as possible")
Nate and Alison are laid low in their game posture, and Ali reacts with a healthy dose of grade 10 teenage hormones meets Linda Blare and the Dark Lord. Jun orders Jee around like he’s a serving boy... and Jee runs around like he’s a serving boy. Does she have his number or what? Ali thinks Dana wants to be rid of her to get to Justin. Ali, of course, is a mindless bottle cork. The gang acts like Dana made this big mistake, like they didn’t all hate her ass last week, and Dana cares... this much (I’m making a little "two fingers pinching together" gesture!!". Big Brother attacks the house-mats in the veto game, pelting them with superballs. Jun, Jee and Nate all take damage... Jun takes the worst of it. Nate wins the game by grabbing his green balls first, then gets Alison off.
The gang tortures Alison’s blue elephant with several murder suicide scenes and then it’s luxury game time. Spin till ya wanna puke, and then carry a full champagne flute on a tray from here to there. It’s a girl thing... hence Jack actually face plants with blood, Nate shows, Erika places, and Alison wins. The prize? Fancy ass meal but you gotta have an ounce of class to pull that off, and we’re watching Oaklahoma and the Hoe here. She ends up tanked, with her lips either on Justins leg or say’en something she shouldn’t and she took Nathan to the dinner! Nate is none too pleased, but still saves her sorry ass with the veto. Dana reacts with a decisive choice of Dave to replace Alison on the block. Dana; "Dave, you can thank Nate for this..."

Fav Quote
"I don’t ever want to see her ugly face again!" Ali waxes poetic about Dana.

"The man-troll wants to get on the midget..." Ali goes for the two pointer, ding’en Dana and Justin in one shot...

"She’s the brains and I’m the bonze [sic]" no kidding Nate...

"I’m gonna win the veto and I’m going to get Alison off!" Nate! Word ‘em up homeslice! Wiggle that silver tongue of yours some more...

"I’m gonna get you drunk..." followed shortly by "You gotta go and get piss drunk and act like an idiot!" WoW! No short term memory and incapable of framing causal relationships. Nate’s a real prize tonight.

"I will not speak another word to him!" an unhappy mantroll writing a check she can’t cash, after Nathan saves Alison with the veto.

Most Memorable Moment
This is hard... so many to pick from... Ok, a toss up;
~ Alison, after wining the luxury game gets hammered and lets Nate watch. She ends up in the hot tub in her pale pale blue bikini with Justin and does a total butt display for him... then (no really) she holds his legs, scoops water across his upper thigh and kisses the wet thigh... Now, she goes on to totally piss off Nate by blowing, er... spilling all kinds of beans to Justin, but the first part... what a little strap-on she is.
~ The luxury deal involved spinning around in this chair thing... Erika and Alison both do the dancer/skater head snap spin thing and word! They look mightily possessed with their creeped out expressions.

The Nats versus the Ex’s
"I hate to say it, but your ex boyfriend may be evil." says Erika-of-the-silly-hats to Alison... geez. What the hell is it with these twigs that everything is always personal. Sing it with me Five.... Hundred... Thousand... Dollars. Everybody is mad at everybody... wohooo. The editors are having a field day.
Other than the occasional sentiment, the Nat / Ex division is history. It’s all about a house made of "alliances of two".

Estrogen Is Your Friend
Alison does nothing but act the bitch throughout... either slutty like all get out or pathetic in her name calling, and general bitchitude. Nathan goes so far as to describe her as the "brains" in his alliance... how frigging sad is that?
Dana is also on a freak-attack but with her it’s all about the power thing and focused on Nathan for saving Alison. She’s basking in it. And Jun? Again, it’s a power thing but really only over Jee. It’s fun to watch her beat him into lap dog submission.

Team Testosterone
As the remaining testosterone leaks away... "I’m always the gullible doofus around here." Oh look Jee... a perfect fit... Keep that shoe. Dave’s still having fun. Playing games and taking his lumps. He’s still about 11 years old, but he’s fun. Agent Jack continues to be a lump of coal... surprisingly not-smart this guy, and he manages a face plant on pavement in the luxury game. Nate gets mad at Alison... throwing the covers back and telling her to pack her bags... really... I’m surprised he didn’t scratch her and dump her bureau drawers too, then run crying to another bed.

Much to Dana’s immense displeasure and even after taking a huge shit attack on Ali, Nate still casts his veto rescue net over Alison leaving Dana to put up another. She puts up Dave. Now it’s Ali and Nate, June and Jee, Jack and Erika, Robert and Justin... all alliances of two. This leaves Dana and Dave. Dave has no support base but why would they want to keep Jack?

The winner...
Erika still.

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