Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Another day, another project.

so today has been a bit of a blast... mind you I'm on some kind of nominal nicotine freak thing...

I went to Home Despot and gave 'em about 18$ for some carefully picked out woody-bits... even had the guy at the "we'll do the first three cuts for free" saw - huge ass saw - give me about 5 cuts and he was only too happy to help... seems the first 5 cuts are free if you're not a dick. :D

So I messed around at my work bench a cutting and sorting and trimming the wood...
... and a goofy little [ :: animated gif :: ] is here of that effort...

By the end of the day, factoring in Edwards soccer game and making
a kick ass Rainbow Trout dinner (wicked spicy recipe... I love it),
I managed to get the left and right frames cut and screwed together.

[ click the picture for the full on view ]

Dig the groovy join in the wood... [ :: a picture of the join :: ]
A cross support will be screwed into that space at the top to form an even corner. Note: I can think of no really good reason for all the complication except that it's fun to fart around.

And, of course, a picture of the complex blueprints, developed at Corto's Industrial Design Think Tank
[ :: are available here for your viewing pleasure. :: ]

Ok, so this is all pretty hokey stuff...
but when you have to use a giant hand held circular saw and pretend it's a jig saw...
well, you take what you can get. :D
(and yes, I know, I will never derive an income from carpentry... but it's fun!)

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