Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

knock knock knock... hello?

Dispelling all myths that he has an ounce of self respect... corto shows off the head-hug and admits that he spends way to much staring at the computer monitor, in this position. Recently overheard... "I find it relaxing."

~ brilliantly bright orange t-shirt...
~ sweat pants
~ and a layer of sleep that needs washing off...
~ shower...
~ Home Depot ... to buy wood... new project... dumpsters were not give'en it up for me yesterday. (rain was a factor).
~ work on said project...
~ smoke the last few cigs in this pack and call it quits...
~ definitely watch a movie tonight...
~ I had something to do with the kids today... but chances are the neighbors will take 'em for a good chunk of the day to play with their kids (the neighbors kids were here all afternoon yesterday... it's kind of a kid-ping-pong-game that goes on until they're old enough to run away... )
~ that I could meet you... I think I'd prol'y like you... I mean, I've been thinking about this... if I thought I wouldn't like you, if I met you, would I remove you from my friends list because... well, I prol'y wouldn't like you? I think so... the thing of it is... in my real world... my day to day thing... there are so few people I actually "dislike" that it's probably shocking. I think it takes too much work to actively dislike someone... always been a bit in favour of the "easiest path" and holding grudges and general disdain... way way too much work.
~ that my friends Mat and Shann... enjoy their time with little Mat... It's time well earned.

Ok that S2 thing is really driving me nutz... I like my friends pages... but I have no love of my main page... I hope I can tool that S2 thing to look like I want on my friends page... we shall see ... (flex's finger muscles in preparation for a little S2 action... )

alrighty... the day bellows... hmmm or was that the children... must go check. Then it's shower time.
See ya.
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