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So I am seriously conflicted... but more on that later. First, we watched "Arlington Road" tonight and while it has marginal sound quality, (to the point of some frustration) it was a fricking awesome story... scary!! (well scary in a "Enemy of the State" kind of a way.

So any ways, this conflicted thing. it has to do with eminem. the white-wrapping-paper-boi.

I first heard of this guy before I ever heard any music. It was an article in spin mag. It talked about the guy growing up in a black neighborhood, very low rent, and loads of rap music influences... the story made me like the guys tenacity and I was interested to hear the tunes. I like music, I like lyrics, I like songs, I like the way I can feel as a result of music or as a result of lyric. Not all of these things have to happen for me to like a song. I liked the first music I heard from the doubleM.

I grew to tire of some of the forced aggression but there was some toe tapping in there.

I read a scathing dissertation on marshall mathers sometime around the release of his self titled album. It was awesome...

I heard "The Real Slim Shady" and immediately thought "wow, great toe tapper, but if the nazi message was delivered with a great beat would I like that too...?" and decided to not like the guy on principle.

I was intent on listening the CBC call-in show in advance of the eminem concert in TO and started getting conflicted then. Censorship belongs in the home - period. Many of the callers were zealots.

then I heard "stan" and thought the dido samples were awesome but I resented the beautiful song from dido being used... then I saw the video, and theres dido singing her own song ... conflicted! The dam video is wicked moving shit.

then I see this interview with him on much-music... a street interview with eminem. That really put me into conflict land... he talked his usual mile-a-minute deal but what he said made a great deal of sense. I won't try to explain 'cause that's off topic but suffice it to say that he demonstrated how we make our own demons and then feed them!

So now, i'm liking the nut again... i feel so hypocritical, so ... something. almost shallow for letting myself swing so dramatically on the politics of music.

Any ways, it's not big ass deal, I just thought I'd talk it out to see where it leaves me. Still not sure but it's certainly less conflicted...

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