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Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

The Burger King Edition

Another week... a few more reasons for the kids to hate each others guts. If the girls aren't oiling up and massaging one of the guys they're cooking, cleaning, or pedicure’ing. Way to support the cause girls. It's basically boys against the girls, because, well, Dave, Jack and Nathan are actually women. Dana's a guy and everybody knows what Jun is...

Loser say what?
(aka "The Show in as few words as possible")
The cunning array of stunts.... that lead to Michi-bubbles departure and subsequent tears is replayed for our re-enjoyment, followed closely by Justin’s recognition that, as things stand, he and his fellow Ex's are basically toast. Everybody seems to rag on the notion of Dana having the Queen Rat job... except Justin (Dana is about ready to sit on that boys face) and then we get a look at how things will fall from here. She's all over the fence-sitter (imagine the mess) Jun, telling her to side with her and the Exs to make a party of five to face off against the Nats. Certainly as good a plan as any... and makes for great fun watching the Nats work Dana for her support... ya know, after they all trashed her so bad that she was certain to fly out the door if last weeks veto was used. Agent Jack drops a logic bomb on her about alliances and thinks he's the shit... but she knows better. Food is a give away, dropped on little parachutes for all to catch, ending with a giant in-your-face-Burger-Woof (burger king) commercial. Jun's stock is played like an Enron deal while she all but blows the entire gang to earn her keep. Fancies herself a queen and a Madam... but this isn't Saigon, and she's still a skank. Rob starts to choke on his testicles and cries out an apology to Erika and Alison keeps thinking rose petals shoot out her ass. Dana does the right thing... Alison and Jack end up on the shitty end of the nominations and now it's just a matter of time before Robert squirts his nutz back out and returns to his comfort zone... being a slime ball jack-off.

Fav Quote
"Me, Robert and Jee are screwed!! We are screwed!" Justin... feeling a tad bit unsure of things... :D

"It's alright... I've told her. She needs to get rid of Robert and Justin." Agent Cody-Jack feeling remarkable sure of things... (bwaaahahahaha)

"Did I mention the psycho crazy bitch is head-of-household?" Dave... feeling the love for Dana...

"I am the queen!" Jun... feeling the love for... well, Jun.

"Everybody in this house should be worried because the psycho bitch is gonna be putting them up for nomination."... ahhh... that would be Alison, getting things entirely wrong.

Most Memorable Moment
It's all in a smile. Justin and Alison go at it like an old married couple when she confronts him over shit he was slinging by telling Dana who was slagging her. They have this balls-out argument... there were more sound-blank moments of bleeping swear words than actual talking. You could see Alison's button getting pushed. Just when you think Justin is forgetting that he's on display, he gets up to walk away and you see him crack this big ass smile of satisfaction over her ranting. She is going to suffer with this nom.

The Naturals versus the Ex’s
Well, now that Dana has played the first wild card, the Nats can attempt to come to grips with the game. Hopefully, high school is over. Dana put two Nats up so now it's all about the Veto.

Estrogen Is Your Friend
It's always the girls that call people out... you know... like real life. Alison reacts as expected to the notion that things won’t always just go her way. I can practically see her on the floor kicking her feet. Dana just loves to be a shit disturber and here's her big chance. Erika, remaining human, consoles Robert when he realizes his mommy isn't here to make him a snack. He's all tears and sniffles so Erika does the right thing. Dumb... and hopefully not blind, but prol'y "right".
"I'm bringing Korean women back 40 years!!" as Jun gives Nathan a french pedicure... and feigning a cliché Asian accent. Gag! I can understand a pedicure but a french Mascara is definitely next. Expect some sort of Drag Show element to the show down the road. "What do I look like? Your chinese cleaning lady?" ok, so a) Yes, Jun, you do... and b) Chinese cleaning lady??? what the hell is that... coming from a Korean, that sounds remarkably like stereotyping bigotry to me. Of, course, she follows up all this with "If I win, I'm gonna open up an escort service... but only the classy stuff." Now right there, she's going to need advice...

Team Testosterone
From the way-down-low to the completely "up-on" (trogdor rawr!), this game is about going in circles. The Ex's are back in their sandbox with the biggest shovels and most little trucks. Now that Robert has some marbles back, he will grow his testicles back and return to being mr. nasty-ass, and he'll have some crow to eat as he tries that shit on Erika.
Agent Cody Jack, is deflated... talk talk talk talk dude and in the end, you know nothing. It doesn't matter how rational a thought is... if it doesn't serve the personal good of a player, it's being disregarded. And besides, what makes him think she'll abandon centuries of human conditioning and not come after your secret-agent-ass for all the shit you blew at her last week.

Little Bit From the Live Feeds
(25/07 4:55 EST)
Alison: "My butt smells like roses!" (strutting through the kitchen area).
Dave: "Yeah, dead roses, decaying in shit.."
Alison: "No... not at all."
Well... there you have it... Alison, officially, thinks her shit don't stink!

Yeah, so Dana, Jun (or is Jun actually on anybodies side?), Justin, Robert and Jee, versus Jack, Alison, Nathan, Erika and Dave. Looks like a plan? Robert is obviously the week link, but only because Jun is no link at all. Jack and Alison are up to, in theory, get Alison out... but they will all, unless the veto is played, vote out Jack because he does actually represent a threat... and the voting seems to work that way. It wont be a vote to save Alison, but a vote to get rid of Jack.

The winner...
Man... do I ever want to just put Jun's name here and leave it. However, I keep thinking that if there is a shift back to the Nats, say with a veto, then Jun’s stock will tumble for her duplicity. So for now... I'm still banking on Erika’s experience getting her to the end. Note: she better start working Dave though...

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