Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


yawn... scratch... :D

~ droppy eyes...
~ a old cornish-chunky sweater on my tongue...
~ and wake up sweats...
~ a shower...
~ shaving... lots of shaving... ;)
~ dressing and then it's serious chore time.
~ Staples for a two meter usb cable
~ Sobies for mechelinas (4 for 6$ is a deal 'round these parts)
~ construction site dumpster diving with the boys... need to build a cupboard in the garage...
~ write about BB4 from last night...
~ make something yummi for dinner...
~ that my z, her mom, her sisters and their brother... basically their whole family, are ever so careful on their drive!!! They're off to Montreal to prescreen things at the cemetary... Funeral is next Friday.
~ to point out that auntyadele is one of my most favorite so-far-away lj friends... her world is so real... so beautiful... and I loved LOVED the wedding pictures...
~ all kinds of get-well-soon wishes out to Jodi (rivet)... who is allyn's reason for breathing...) She's in Thailand and has a flu... ug.
~ there was photographic evidence of the trouble psychomagnet almost gets into... :D

Up nice and early... with Edward!!! (he usually sleeps in big on the weekends). Now the boys are set for their day, Z is off to Montreal and I've about twenty five things to get done ... so I guess I'll see y'all later. I hope things are good with you guys... :D

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