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Yeah so after the US troops tossed several hundred thousand dollars worth of munitions into that house and managed to seperate Mooky and Pukey from their corporal existence, the news is full of talk about IRAQ again... and I'm listening to this talk radio deal this morning when they get this guy on from the "Center For Strategic Planning" or something in Jersey, you know, one of those offices where everybodys brains are leaking out all over the place. They describe him as a "Senior Fellow"... what's with that handle... "Fellow"... what if it was a woman? would she be a "Senior Fella"? or what if he was slightly effeminant? Slightly effeminant and enjoyed Lebanese food? You know... a Senior Fellow, Kind'of'a Fella, enjoy'en a Falafel*... and realized later that I hadn't really listened to anything he said because I was all caught up in the stupid name. They really ought to change the handle...

It started out with sun today but quickly moved into the realm of cloud and threatening rain... we never managed to have any T-Storms yesterday... but I can keep hoping 'cause they're in the offing again today.

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ well, I was wearing a long sleeve silk shirt... till I noticed the havoc my deoderant was playing with it... so it's two tone blue golf shirt time... :D
~ to slack off and fuck the dog all day... grrrr... I wish. :D hahaha...
~ more lab system development (now that Mr. Insolent KVM is my obediant bitch)
~ write about BB4 at some point
~ go to some security seminar at lunch...
~ Geo soccer game after work ...
~ BB4 on tonight... tape tape tape.
~ I was hanging out with my pal kimberly27616kimberly90210 because that way I could spend the day humming softly to myself ... you know... making a variable speed buzzing noise...
~ that my very precious friend, pookfreak, has a safe trip and ... well, doesn't arrive with a bag of garbage in her hand.
~ to point out two converse opinions ... one: aristophren dude!!! you don't pass up on a sure thing... you never know what you'll learn. and two: aristophren brother... good boy... you always question a sure thing... you never what you'll catch...
~ to just point out to ladonne... well... 3:44!!!!
~ and, er... xaheras... it's monkey time. :D

Ok look... I forgot the posters again today and now it's really starting to bug me...

* got the spelling for falafel by going to Go there! no no.. really go there now. look something up... it pops a window up with a little "speaker" icon... so you can hear the correct pronounciation... and yes... all the fun words are there too. what fun. :D
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