Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

hmmm a box of official Dairy Queen Ice Cream sammiches...
unch unch unch... hmmmm....

just about time for bed... a couple more geeky things to look at and then it's quitting time. :D


~ have you seen the recent "In Style" magazine? The one with Kate Hudson on the cover... The pictures of her inside... she looks remarkably like kristylicious... although not quite as good looking. But seriously...

~ I got a [ :: cool post card :: ]from Jean Jean ... the dancing machine... (ldygwynedd)... thank you sweets... the concept of a treasure coast is the stuff of little boys dreams... :D

~ I hope things are well with recently mommy-it-ized amyaustin... and that maggie... a mommy-to-be again!!! is doing ok... I know things can be difficult... beeeeelieve me... and I feel for you both. :D

~ I really thing huakai's sleepy girl icon is one of the cutest things in the universe...

and ... I'm killa tired... I wonder if I have the cells to get those geeky things done??

either way... ni ni..
sweet dreams.

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