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Big Brother 4 Update!!!

Big Brother 4 Update!!

There’s No Cauliflower in Oaklahoma

Vell Doktor... our leetle experiment is progressing nicely. Zee leetle mice are beginning to turn on one another yust az ve planned!

Loser say what?
(aka "The Show in as few words as possible")
Open gagging on Alison calling the Nat's the "elite seven".... bah. Then it's right into segment after segment of scheming little cup cakes, and plenty of media bytes of Dana chanting "I'm pissed off." Quite the legacy for her, I'm sure. Jun reminds us what an incredible skank she is, while Bubblehead Alison talks as if Dana is a psychic. Agent Jack, Prettyboy Nate and the Bubble work their alliance, as does Jee-the-idiot and Robert. Dana thinks she's on both teams, although she's on neither. There's a lame food competition that Nathan just sucks at, and half the house-mats are on PB&J for a while... "Half" includes Nat, Michelle, Robert, Dave and Dana. Nate is not at all impressed. lol. Erika starts to fall apart, while Jun and Ali act like 13 year olds eavesdropping on Miss Cries-Alot. Jee peels back his skull to reveal ... absolutely nothing and puts Erika and Michelle up for nom. Michelle, this weeks’ pawn, is melting and Erika is going to have to make her play or fry.

Fav Quote
Dave, holding up two fingers and talking like a hick... "I'm Nate, and I got four sisters..." Oh Dave... He may be a hick, but he owns a vcr.

"You need to stop before I start to really hate you!!" a frustrated Michelle who can't stop saying "like", is letting Dave push all of her buttons. He responds to her and the five minute convo that ensues, ends with "so, is it ok to touch your ass now?". hahaha...

"I'm not treating him [jee] any different that I usually would..." So what you're saying, Jun, is that you're always a cunt.

And the only sane words spoken in the entirety of the big brother franchise... As Erika consoles a crestfallen, nominated Michelle.... "This is not your life... and these are not your friends." Word!

Most Memorable Moment
Well, I want to say "Erika, walking anywhere..." but besides her fairly expensive, pokadot bikini clad frame, the only memorable thing about this episode was watching Dave play with Michelle like a cat with a cat-nip stuffed toy. She's putty in anyone's hands and now that she's been nominated she's all eager to be nasty... but she can't... I don't think she can. She's at camp, and she's looking like she's going to explode if she doesn't get to pass someone a note soon.

Estrogen Is Your Friend
"I'm pissed off!!!" or so say's the hormones that rage through Dana at every turn. Apparently she's psychic too, as Alison points out that "If you even think about Dana, she knows, and she gets pissed off.". This from the girl that, with Jun, crawls on the carpet to listen in on Erika crying at Dana about whatever she's crying about now. The food comp had teams try an ID the mystery meat and mystery veg it various casseroles. Kinda like the cafeteria in high school on any given day, although the things like oysters and brussel sprouts (sp?). blech. Michelle responds to the gross out food competition by practicing for university and eating disorders...

Team Testosterone
Jee, in his infinite wisdom, is saying to Michelle, as he tells her he's going to nom her, "I've talked to everyone, and I can guarantee that you'll be safe." You are an idiot and now everyone knows it. Dave, in a fit of testosterone, swoops into to talk to Idiot-Jee after he see's how messed Michelle is with the potential nom. Agent Jack and Prettyboy keep talking "untrustworthy" about Dana and they're all a’ bristle with their machismo. Now, in classic style, they'll do nothing.

The Live Feeds...
I had a few minutes of live feed time... what did I see? Michelle swearing her little tiny head off... no seriously... hard core foul lingo... all directed at Dave... hence, my belief that she's fallen in love with him. :D Oh, and she gets into this conversation about sex... apparently she’s actually a virgin, but (because enquiring minds want to know) she’s given head, and not enjoyed it, and never had an orgasm from getting head. Poor little bottle blonde.

The winner...
Oh man... Erika what is your problem... you should be steering this boat instead of wimpering on the poop deck. Maybe... just maybe... veto will actually be used. But even then...

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