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The Blues Brothers...

NOTE: The clickable pics are all 320x240 images...
all small and open in a new window.
The video segments are windows media files,
best viewed at 320x240 and all are quite small. Better
off right clicking a video link and "saving target" to
view it.
ps. sorry, but the vid's are "no sound!"

So a week or so ago we had the opportunity to go to the Ottawa Blues Fest presentation of the Blues Brothers...Live in Concert.

We left late for the show and only got within spitting distance of the outdoor venue by 8:15... exactly as the show was starting.

This was our view when we walked in the gate!!
(click the little pic for the full image)

That little spec of light on the right...?? that's a massive jumbo tron set up to the right of the stage.

The rain had started in earnest... we were steadily getting soaked. Note that about 15 minutes earlier I had stood beside the car and told Z "Nahhh... we don't need the umbrella... it's gonna clear up... look over there... clear sky." It rained hard ... heavy downpour for hours. :D But we weren't saddled with an umbrella. :D :D

Any ways... we were not about to stand way the hell back here so we began a slow meander back and forth across the sea of people moving ever forward. Now at this stage I could go into a big ol'rant about people that bring coolers and lawn chairs to a show and leave them all taking up space while people pack in shoulder to shoulder to see a popular act... but for our purposes they provided several avenues of access as we wandered...

[ :: we got closer... :: ]
... but the umbrellas were a major pain...

[ :: but we got ever closer... :: ]

Close enough to watch this song go by where they were calling for "pretty girls" to come up on stage... Now, fair is fair... they had just called "fat men" up on stage to dance and this was a hulluva laugh... but I did [ :: grab a little video of the girls dancing bouncing :: ] I mean, it was pretty funny to watch the audience reacting to the women dancing... :D

We managed to get really close...

and close enough still to be only one umbrella away from the stage... so I harrassed the absolute hell out of the dude with the umbrella, to the point that he was getting ready to clock me... but every face around me was glaring at him to close his punk ass mother fuquing umbrella so he demured. :D

[ :: We were close enough to shoot this little video :: ]

There was a great cast of artists... famous names that I can no longer remember... but a guy from REM and some famous horns. There was this one guy ... Johny Wood... played an amplified harmonica and he was a blast... purple zoot suit and pomp hair... a real entertainer.
[ :: The Horns and the Purple Wood dude... (1.3 meg video file) :: ]

And for the die hard Blues Brothers fans... this next segment of video (very small file) is the boys doing the classic dance...
[ :: one look and YOU KNOW it's the Blues Brothers :: ]
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